Go Founders Gooooooo …. 36,000 + Founders Are IN IT TO WIN IT

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  • Stefan Ozsvath Stefan Ozsvath

    12th of October 2019 at 36,000 founders.
    08.08.2020 counting 176,000 and by the end of the day passing 177,000 global founders.

    Very impressive growth indeed and the floodgates are still open for new founders. 

    We are set for a strong launch which is going to be this year sometimes adding quite a bit more founders to the above numbers for sure.

    Having more founders will benefit everyone that are in it to win it.

    The Onpassive echo system will provide all the tools one wants and needs and plenty of products and services to offer globally in the IT zone and other corporate needs off line even some governments around the world will use what we offer.

    Actually no one will be able to evade, avoid  or go around OP they will be forced to join for many reasons.

    If our customer has a business or not, they can subscribe to as many products as they see fit to resell, or if a customer has an existing businesses, the SBS tools can promote it for them with automation while they sleep.

    ONPASSIVE will allow re-seller status for it’s customers to create a business for them.

    In any case, OP will be the venue to create success for founders and customers alike.

    Op’s  Smart Busyness Solution (SBS) turbo charged with AI  its own machine learning technology, Op is set up to guarantee success, without the need to recruit or sell yourself.

    All products and services will be available for the lowest price and  all under one roof.

    ONPASSIVE’s technology with the traffic, sales, subscriptions, purchases  will providing residual income for all active participants, enacting the leverage and duplication.

    There is a lot more to be added but for now just take it as food for thought.
    Happy, Proud And Humbled To Be One Of The Early Founders Of Internet’s Most Powerful Opportunity!

    8 months ago | 8 September, 2020 7:01 pm Reply
  • Avatar Gary Heath


    2 years ago | 19 October, 2019 7:56 am Reply

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