Onpassive Community

Dear Ash…
I’m constantly overwhelmed and speechless of all the beautiful things that happen here. The opportunities for everyone, education possible no matter where you are, no more hunger, poverty, etc. …what the power to change the world. In the beginning, I just hoped…meanwhile I believe! You are such a special person! Nearly every webinar your overwhelming words always moves me to tears. Menkind waited a very long time for a person with such a gift in its hand and who isn‘t only thinking of itself and is greedy for power and money, but who puts the good of everyone above his own good…thank you for being in our lives now! You give me belief for peace, humanity, freedom, and love…things that should be usual. I am infinitely grateful for what you are doing and I look forward to the day when you will come to Germany and I can give you a very big hug.
God bless you and our dear OnPassive family