If you are a founder member of GoFounders you would’ve already had a quick tour by your sponsor about the GoFounders page. But we thought we could help you more with the information about the page for better results. Also, to everyone who’s new to GoFounders and just hovering freely in the GoFounders page, here are a few things you need to know before you get started. 

GoFounders is the pre-launch platform to ONPASSIVE and Founders private back office. The website hosts only “Qualified Founders Accepted in Prelaunch by Invitation only”. In the past few blogs, you might have learned about other sections of the website such as – Profile, Announcements, Community and Webinars. Here we are going to learn about the “My Links” section of the GoFounders website. 

What is My Links?

Once you login using your GoFounders credentials, you can hover down and find “My Links”. Once you click on that section, the page loads up and shows you the below sub-sections of My Links:

  • Invite Links
  • Invitation Links
  • Webinar Links
  • Presentation Links

These are the other sub-sections of “My Links” 

In the above image, you can find My Links and subsections of the same. If you take a peek on this page, you will find several links sections – Invite Links, Invitation Links, Webinar Links, and Presentation Links. 

1) Invite Links

This subsection holds links that you can share with other people to invite them to join GoFounders community. Under this subsection of My Links, you can find a number of sharable links. One might wonder about many links listed on the website. The reason is each link consists of personalized content. The layouts are built based on the interests of a certain audience to assure high chances of getting them on board. 

Once you send this link to a prospect, he/she will be redirected to an invitation page, where they fill out their basic info to get an invitation to join GoFounders.

Invite page:

2) Invitation Links

When you have a list of people who are potential prospects willing to be a part of GoFounders, you can send invitation links directly to them using the list of links you can find below the “Invitation Links” subsection. Once the prospect clicks on this link, he goes through the content and clicks on “Become a Founder now” where he/she is allowed to register to become a part of GoFounders community – A Founder member. 

Invitation Links:

Invitation Page:

Registration Page:

3) Webinar Links

The same goes with webinar links, you can find a number of links of webinar links with personalized content. These links can be used to invite people to watch the webinar. Webinars are helpful to acquire new leaders and to build a team; a Founder can use Webinars to bring in a new audience. The webinar links will have all the information about the previous webinars and upcoming webinars. Anyone who has the link can book a seat and join the upcoming webinar.

Webinar Link:

4) Presentation Links

The Presentation links subsection holds several personalized links. These links can be shared with people who are interested in becoming a part of GoFounders. The links try to give a different perspective of GoFounders to the people who are interested in. People can find the benefits of joining GoFounders, steps to register and more guidelines for joining GoFounders in a systematic way. 

Presentation Link:

Using these links you can build your team by bringing more people to join you. This will help in effective team building and growing your network. The links can be shared across all the social media platforms, blogs, text messages, email etc. For effective link sharing, ONPASSIVE has created a smart tool – TrimURL which helps in shortening the URLs. A guide on how to use TrimURL and its benefits can be found in the next blog.