I am inspired to write these articles. It is my hope that you find them useful. 

Thoughts! Matter

We are thinking beings. Thoughts are flowing each moment. They flow as an idea or as a conversation. They are vibrations and frequencies creating a pattern to take form into reality. 

Once they have entered the conscious realm they will manifest as an experience, impacting one’s life positively or negatively. Sometimes they are set aside waiting for the right opportunity or environment to become a reality.

Life experiences can be joyful or sad, positive or negative. I have that real life can be non-active, just existing because of the breath. I guess it can be perceived as positive or negative in the eyes of the beholder.

Negative thinking thoughts can lead to taking harmful actions, speaking vicious words or maybe making a certain facial expression that indicates anger or disapproval. When repeated and sustained, it can affect the functioning of the body – leading to various diseases – inner and outer.

Positive thinking thoughts can have the opposite effect. The actions are usually of kindness, expressions of love, being calm and poise, responding and reacting to situations that lead to solutions in the best interest of all involved. The body expresses its beauty, health, and joyful feelings. Our happy and successful lifestyle reflects our positive way of thinking.

We all strive to have the experience of love, joy, peace, harmony, laughter, success in our careers and relationships, a constant flow of wealth/money, to be able to experience our heart’s desires. All of these can stem from maintaining a positive mindset. I must say, regardless of our thoughts there is one driving force behind every thought and that is the Creator of all. Too often we tend to think that we just came up with the right thought or idea when it impacted our life positively. In actuality, those thoughts are inspirations. When we make “bad” decisions it because we did not follow through with our first thought but allowed the senses or what we know through education, or what is acceptable to society or others, to overshadow it. Later we may discover that we made a “bad” choice or decision.

As you continue on your Life’s journey consider your first thought. It matters! 

Source: GoFounders Community