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As a 72-year-old man in extremely good health, I would like to share with you some of the simple things that do to maintain my wellness. Every day I expose at least 50% off of my body daily to full sunlight. That supplies enough Vitamin D3 for maintaining my immune system (there are over 5000 studies on Vit D3 and the immune system)

Warning!  Start off slowly at 5-minute exposure and build, up to your 20 minutes

The body needs Vitamin C but cannot produce its own. I take mega doses daily.  Another warning, start off will very low doses and build up over time. Too much, too soon and the results, although harmless are rapid and messy. Liposomal Vit C is best as it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly to the cells.

It may not be your thing. These are not recommendations; just my daily habits if you find them useful then help yourself

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Colin O'Brien

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  • Greg Hill Greg Hill

    Hello Colin,

    I’m happy to hear your in excellent health at 72 years young. Coming from the Land down under there’s some good sunshine that hangs around there a lot. That has to be a good feeling. Being from Washington State we usually get a lot of liquid sunshine here until about the end of may and then that can be questionable too. So being that I am just 66 years young I still work at keeping my body in good health with my immune system. That is the key when we start to get older. What we put in our body is what we get out of it. Garbage in we can’t win Garbage out that’s what it’s about. I do 2000mg of C everyday weather I need it or not. That body will rid it’self of what it does’t need. Most Important thing is to take care of those white blood cells they are the key to a great immune system. Take care Colin see you at the top healthy with awesome times ahead. Go Founders In It To win It all The Way To The TOP !!!

    12 months ago | 18 April, 2020 8:04 pm Reply

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