Leadership Council

Great reflection by Michael in the Leadership Council. However, our comp plan is even much more powerful than that! Once your 15 levels are filled, each account pays over $30 million monthly and now think about how many extra accounts you’ll have, when you receive another 3 accounts each time 125 members join underneath you.

If everyone, who joins or already has joined, only shows our products to 3 persons, how long will it take to have them join ONPASSIVE? They have a week to choose their package and what they’ll see will convince them – that I’m 100% sure of. Now, how long will it take before 15 levels are filled?

Right! Approximately 15 weeks, even if you don’t have any Founder in your downline yet and even if you don’t consider the marketing campaigns and the massive spillover. Now my question – how long will it take you to become a Billionaire?

Absolutely mind-blowing, isn’t it??? Enjoy the ride, my friends, Mr. Ash has created the absolutely best compensation plan in history, not to talk about the ecosystem and whatever will come in addition. What a genius!!!!

Source: GoFounders Community