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Hello Everyone,

I have been peeking into my back office every day now, and the messages I am seeing are getting pretty exciting, and are looking like the launch is very near. 

Read what the leadership council is telling us is great information that will make us ready when Ash is ready to flip the success switch. I am also looking at the download section, the links, and so much more. I am going to be ready when it all happens. 

As I take a peek at all locations outside of my home, I see the hope of flattening the curve, as the numbers go down. We may be close to the end of this coronavirus. I am ready for the beginning of ONPASSIVE, and the end of that virus.  

I thank God that I have been with my family the whole time and we have all been well. I pray the same is true for you as well.

I have been considering talking to my Bank to get early advice on how to manage a higher income, and how to plan for the future of my family since I am 72, and may have less than 25 years left on this old earth. At the very point of my last breath, I will have the blessing of taking a peek into the awesome gates of Heaven and meeting the true CEO of the world. 

So, it is all exciting. God bless you all

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