Leaderboard contest

Contests are always thrilling and fun at the same time. If you are the organizer of a contest, then you must be looking forward to reaching a goal in a short duration by encouraging team members to participate in a contest. The objective of any contest is to encourage people to do a task and reward the members who perform the task faster than others. A contest is usually a time-bound activity with fun and target stitched together.

At GoFounders, enrolments are done via invitation or direct registration. It means, a member can join ONPASSIVE or GoFounders after receiving a formal invitation via webinar, public speaking or emails, or the person can directly visit the website to register and become a member.

However, there is no time restriction for the above-mentioned registration methods. But GoFounders believes one can achieve more enrolments if the person participates in a contest.

What is the Leaderboard Contest?

GoFounders conducts a contest during a certain time of the year and encourages the founders to participate in this event to enrol as many members as possible in a given time frame, and in return, the top achiever gets rewarded at the end. This contest is internally called as a Leaderboard Contest.

Usually, the contest is hosted for a one-month duration, and the first contest was conducted in May 2019 in which 87 founders made it to the Leaderboard, and only 47 members managed to reach Leaderboard in June 2019 when the second contest was conducted.

How to get yourself on the Leaderboard?

There are 2 rules which are followed in this contest:

  1. You must be a registered founder on GoFounders platform
  2. During the contest, you have to refer a minimum of 5 members to register on GoFounders

Note: As a founder, you need to make sure that you not only referred 5 members but also led them to enrol themselves on GoFounders platform. If you have successfully enrolled 5 members, then your name gets displayed on the Leaderboard.

Race Begins

Your target shouldn’t be to only display your name on the Leaderboard; instead, your goal should be to be on the top of the chart. Higher the number of referrals, higher you keep going on the top.


So what exactly do you get by participating in the contest? GoFounders has announced a reward of $100 on every 5 successfully enrolled members. That means you receive $500 for 25 enrolments, $1,000 for 50, and $10,000 for 500 successful enrolments.

How You Get Paid?

GoFounders contacts the winners by the end of the contest for payment options; however, earnings may vary depending on each individual founder’s effort to enrol a new member. Not all members of the Leaderboard will receive the same amount of reward money. Your pay depends on how many members you got to register on GoFounders.

When is the next contest scheduled?

Currently, an ONPASSIVE pre-launch contest is going on, and so far 100 founders have made it on the Leaderboard. Whosoever brings in at least 5 members during this contest, can get his/her name displayed on the Leaderboard.

We wish you all the best. Hope you make it to the top and earn the highest reward.

Remember – It’s never too late to participate and become a winner.