GoFounders Community the ultimate tool

Before we explain the functions of the Community tab on GoFounders tool, let us understand what we mean by a community.

A community is a group or a social unit with common characteristics and interests and share similar cultural values and attitude in the same geographical location. A community is sometimes referred to as the identity of an individual and receives benefits and support when required.

Does it mean a person staying in one locality with neighbours is by default a part of the community? The Answer is – No. To be a community member, regular communication and interaction is a must. One has to listen and share an opinion on certain community issues or events.

So, what are the functions of an online community? It is more or less the same as a physical community. However, the only difference is – there are no geographical limitations of an online community. That means anyone from any part of this world can be part of a community. Usually, there is always an admin who controls the function of an online community and also decides who can be part of the group and who cannot.

GoFounders is such a platform for all the founders who want to create a group and communicate and share success and achievements. Once you register on this wonderful and advanced platform, you can access the entire dashboard with tabs for Announcements, Webinar videos and Contents under Download section. There are other sections as well, such as My Invitations, My Invitees and My Team that allow you to keep track of the invited and existing team members.

Now, let us look into functions and features of the GoFounders Community section:

1. Welcome Note: As soon as you click on the Community tab, you will find a note that says “Now you can ditch Facebook, we created our own”. This note suggests that you, as a founder, need not have to create or join a community on any other social media platform, including Facebook, to interact or keep a watch on the activities of other founders. GoFounders has created its own community platform for its founders to do so.

2. Pages with Achievement Records: On this tab, you will notice posters uploaded to highlight records and achievements made by ONPASSIVE so far. Most of these achievements would be to highlight the number of founders joining GoFounders every week. Such posters display with quotes and the total number of active founders, to keep motivation intact in the community.

3. Comments Option: Each post on the community section has options to upload or read comments. Once you click on this option, you can type your own comment or upload image which is relevant to the post or you can read comments uploaded by other founders.

4. Likes, Love It, and Views: Along with comments, one can like the post, and if the poster or the message is exceptionally good, then the founder can Love it as well. The number of views received by the post can be seen beside all these options.

5. Terms of Use: This option can be found on the top right of the first page of the Community section (just above the Welcome Note). Once you click on it, it explains the purpose of the Community page and Dos and Don’ts for the founder to follow strictly.

6. User’s Guide: Same as Terms of Use, User’s Guide appears at the top right corner above Welcome Note and is created to help founders by providing step-by-step guidance for posting a video or a comment on the Community page.

GoFounders is a very efficient tool in maintaining an active community on its platform. Excellent posts and announcement of achievements keep the community motivated and engaged. It allows its founders to post clean and noise-free contents, comments and posts for better function of the community, unlike other social media channels where topics and comments get distracted.