GoFounders Profile Page

A User Profile is the display of personal details associated with a user on a social media channel or a website. Usually, a user is the admin of the user profile page and is authorised to customise the fields according to the website requirement. It can store the description of a person which can be viewed by the visiting audience and relate it to the user personality.

Few common components of a User Profile which can be viewed by the audience are – Profile Picture, Name or Nick Name, About Me/Us, Email ID.

Other components which are mostly hidden by the admin are – Username and Password, Personal details such as Age, Birth Date & Year, Phone Number, Address and Password. These details cannot be viewed or accessed by any other audience or visitor.

  • Name or Nick Name: This is the first attribute which gets prompted when you try to register on any website. Can you remember one site where you have not updated your name or company name? Usually, you are asked to update your first and the last name. Some websites often display your first name to the audience to keep it short.
  • Profile Picture: A profile picture is the most crucial part of a user profile. You might have to consider different profile pictures for various sites. Your Instagram profile picture will not be suitable for your LinkedIn profile. It plays a different role on different platforms, and your audience perceives you differently as well. A professional looking profile picture on LinkedIn might increase the confidence of leads or recruiters for a job. A catchy looking picture of you near a beach would attract more followers on Instagram.
  • About: A well-written summary about yourself with a pinch of background, and a story on your current interest, can help the audience to gain interest in your profile. You can narrate your story till date and explain the future of your site, your interests and achievements.
  • Email ID and Password: You can choose whether to display the Email ID or not. However, passwords are always a hidden component. After all, it’s about the security of your page and the site data. Earlier, passwords could be anything. But today, many sites prefer alphanumeric passwords with a combination of one capital letter and one special character for a strong password which cannot be guessed by hackers.
  • Phone Number and Address: These are private details which do not get viewed by the audience unless it’s updated for a professional reason for the customers to call and visit the office.

Now, as the title suggests, we will discuss components and options available under GoFounders User Profile page.

GoFounders Profile page has above components along with few additional ones which are very specific to GoFounders business.

  • Sponsored By: The top section of the profile pic shows Sponsored By attribute which displays the person or the founder who enrolled you. If you registered yourself on GoFounders site, then it will reflect either “OP Admin” or the founder’s name under which you are placed as per “Spill-Over” feature. This field also reflects at the bottom of the page as “Sponsor Name”.
  • Sponsor Country: It displays the name of the country which your leading founder belongs to. If you are referred and invited by a founder from the U.S., then this field will display “United States”.
  • Sponsor Phone: This field provides a contact number of the person who enrolled you. Since GoFounders is a perfect team-building tool, it leaves no stone to facilitate the founder’s collaboration and interaction.
  • Sponsor Email: Similar to Sponsor County and Phone, this field displays Email ID of the founder who invited you to register with GoFounders.
  • ID: As soon as you get registered on this platform, an ID gets assigned to you, which allow the administrator to identify who you are by this ID.
  • Change Password: In future, if you feel to change your password, you can click on this button which would take you to the next page where it will ask you to update and save the new password.
  • My Library: This button allows you to upload or store .jpg, .png or .gif format pictures to be used for the profile picture. You can also click on the cross mark on the list of uploaded images to remove from the Library.

In order to have a professional-looking profile page on GoFounders platform, make sure to use professional profile picture (as you upload on LinkedIn), and also update contact number and Email ID so that your team members can send and receive updates. In case, you find an error in Sponsor details such as Name, Country, Phone and Email ID because of a system glitch; then you can contact the Support team to fix it.