GoFounders Webinar

With its vast community, GoFounders is a fast-growing back-office of ONPASSIVE that leverages its founders with features to interact, engage and grow together as a large family. The growth of founders can also be attributed to Webinars which are conducted frequently by other founders, mostly by Ash Mufareh, who is also the CEO and Founder of GoFounders and ONPASSIVE.

A webinar is an online event or a seminar, workshop, lecture or a presentation, that is broadcasted over the internet using video conferencing software. A webinar can be an interactive session as well where the audience can discuss, ask questions, send or receive information in the real-time.

Such webinars are also conducted by founders of ONPASSIVE where founders from around the world participate and discuss future of the company, upcoming events, and changes in any business process or company achievements through certain business activities.

How to access GoFounders Webinars?

Once you become a founder by registering on the company website, you can find “Webinars” section on the left panel. Under this section, there are 2 tabs:

  • Recorded Webinars: When you click this tab, the page will display the list of previous webinar videos conducted till date under “Recorded Webinars” tab.

Each video section contains a small message for the viewers, information of the videos (updates or Q&A), date of the webinar, moderator (founder) names and links to the meeting location with login details.

Sometimes instead of a video, you will only find a link of the video location along with login credentials.

  • Upcoming Webinars:  Under this tab, founders get notified about future webinar sessions which are yet to be conducted. This section contains date & time of the session, dial-in number and PIN code. It also suggests the type of webinars.

There are 2 types of Webinars – Public and Private.

A public webinar can be watched by both – the founders and the invitees. A founder might want someone to join in the webinar to get an idea about the business. In such a case, the founder will share credentials to the person so that the person can log in and watch the session.

A private webinar is always conducted only for the founders. No external members can join this session because of the confidentiality of the topics discussed over the session. For this type of webinar, a note will be shared along with login credentials, such as “No public sharing”.

The content of these webinars depends entirely on the type of webinars conducted. If it is a public webinar, then the moderator would like to share achievements and steps and benefits of becoming a founder. But if the webinar is private, then the session would be more focussed on the founders and how they can contribute more and also use tools and services designed for them.