ONPASSIVE is going to be a Giant in the IT world


BOOM! Another One. Ash, you are dropping them Better than DJ Khalid. I haven’t missed a webinar since I started with this company in Jan 2019, and man, I’m even more fired up now than I was then.

What a ride and a journey we are on; I am enjoying every minute of it, Ash you are making history brother, ONPASSIVE is going to be a Giant in the IT world, Amazing webinar today; enjoyed every second of it, as usual, Ash and the team stacking the cool to a new level every single time, Ash as I said before we support the Vision, we are with you all the way.

#Onpassive for life #In it to win it #CATMO #TOTAL FREEDOM

Jamesly Prosper

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  • UB Ministries Stanley Comer Mgr.

    Jamesly, I couldn’t say any better! I’ve been a Founder since March of 2019 and I’ve only missed one live, when I was suppose to be a speaker, when we were using the “AnyMeeting” system and I was dropped from the call. I am also more “jacked-up” now than when I first got started. The world thinks it is SuperDooperNOW, wait until “Mo” starts to move and it really is going to get wild!!

    8 months ago | 1 November, 2020 2:04 pm Reply
  • Angela Szmolenszki

    Hi! This is the first Company in wich I trust. There is a great need for positive change here on the planet.
    Thank you Ash! 🙂

    8 months ago | 31 October, 2020 12:31 pm Reply

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