Tech team

Hey GoFounders! Let us daisy chain our hands and bow down in prayers, thanking the Almighty God for giving us this genie messenger, Sir Ash Mufareh. Everyone here on GoFounders ought to know now without a single doubt that, the Almighty God has a hand in our affairs and vision to be here whether we believe in God or not.

How could Sir Ash Mufareh see the vision and a situation that will affect the whole world like this all alone without the involvement of the Almighty God? ONPASSIVE had already been designed for unseen events such as this one even before in happened, that has crippled the whole world and now on its knees.

People who had heard about ONPASSIVE and didn’t take it seriously, will now take another keen look.. Whereas those who were in it already but taking it for granted will now buckle up. Even though the situation around the world is not good with everyone’s health, safety and business, this will only make ONPASSIVE bigger and better than before. And even more importantly, it will give us a chance to build ONPASSIVE to be more robust to accommodate more of such situations..

ONPASSIVE was built for businesses to be more efficient using automation and for people to enjoy life to the fullest earning residual income from home. But the current pandemic situation with this virus has only proven Sir Ash Mufareh right, and will give us an opportunity to build ONPASSIVE even better than before. I hate the pandemic situation but do love the overall effect it will have on the future beauty and the resilience of ONPASSIVE..

Thank you and your Team, Sir Ash Mufareh. You are in a class of your own alone. We are so grateful to be a part this with you…

IN IT TO WIN IT 100% X 100%