Good evening, everyone … it has been a few hours since the webinar ended … I just needed time to let my mind/brain come back to earth.

I am on almost every live webinar, but this is the first time that tears came to my eyes.  Our lives are about to change…. someone cares…. someone still has faith in humanity..(although realistic in that there are many out there with just greed and trickery in their hearts…)

Ash is not a saint, he is just a guy with a really really good heart, but he has the brilliance to back it up, which, when combined, has created this incredible human being looking out for all of us … because he knows we also have good hearts and we want to help humanity.

As he said, we need him, and he needs us … we really can make a difference.  Let’s “raise the bar and stack the cool”….(Ash Mufareh)

Hold onto your hats, everyone and the bamboo tree is about to sprout.

Love you all.