wonderful Founders

I wanted to thank all those who have been showering me with comments on my tracking of numbers of these New Founders to ONPASSIVE since March 24th of this year. It was one of my goals I had set until we were 100,000 strong and the time has come to move on to a different line of ONPASSIVE things I might be able to do. By the time I wake up in the morning about 5:30 to 6 am we will be there or real close to seeing this totally awesome movement of Founders around the world with a history-making milestone of 100,000.

Here’s to all the hard-working people that we don’t see much of. Here’s to Ash Mufareh for a God-given Vision because we are creators as we were made in His image so we are creators. Here’s to all the leaders who give up extra time to go the extra mile to help others with learning about this unicorn company ONPASSIVE and continue to work without any reservation of how many hours spent. Here’s to all the New Founders who have just slipped in the door as primary Founders and to the Secondary Founders who are going to be coming in soon. Here’s to the love that is shared in this community.

May it always be full of passion for others to have a better life. I have enjoyed keeping track of the numbers every day in my little notebook. The 100,000 Founders happened faster than I anticipated. Here’s a shot of my little notebook now retired. Here’s to our Future with ONPASSIVE. For Life….

Source: GoFounders Community