Women are an essential part of the financial world. Still, in far too many cases, they confront insurmountable obstacles and fall behind their male counterparts in business ownership and earnings. While many very successful female entrepreneurs spring to mind when considering women in business, women continue to be underrepresented in the workplace. They sometimes earn less for the same work than their male colleagues.

Women company owners, in particular, have a more challenging time qualifying for business loans or other forms of finance as they try to develop credit and grow their firms. When it's challenging to get a loan, money can be scarce, and small firms struggle.

The grants listed below are an attempt to address this issue. These small business grants for women and other resources may be what you need to take your business to the next level if you are a woman trying to start or build a business.

How Does the Small Business Grant Work?

If you're unfamiliar with grants, it's crucial to know that, unlike small company loans, they don't need a repayment. They are funds granted by local, state, and federal governments and private foundations and corporations to help small business entrepreneurs, particularly women, start and grow their businesses.

How Can Small Business Grants Be Used? 

You know how many expenses you have in a given month if you own your own business. Some grants allow you to spend the money for any business-related expense, while others may have stricter limits. You may be compelled to utilize the funds to invest in a specific speciality or purchase your business equipment. Before applying, understand the rules and restrictions to ensure you may use the funds for what you need.

These are a few of the most well-known women's grants, but don't stop there. Others can be found through your local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations.

Small Business Grant from FedEx

FedEx allows the public to vote for the most outstanding firm in a competition to determine the winner. The winners with the most votes will get a $75,000 award and free publicity from FedEx and other media channels. FedEx has demonstrated that it is fair with its cash and awards for women and men in the past with its previous grants.

The Eileen-Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant is for women-owned businesses

Are you a female entrepreneur in need of funding to expand your business? If you answer yes, you are qualified to apply for the Eileen-Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant. This is a corporation that awards grants to five women totalling up to $120,000. Your company must be 100% owned by women and promote environmental and social progress to qualify for this funding. Your company must also have been in operation for at least three years and not have made more than $1 million in annual profits.

Amber Grants for Women

An Amber Grant is an excellent alternative for female entrepreneurs who want to start a local or small business. They choose a woman-owned and operated business every month to receive a $10,000 grant. To qualify for this grant, all you have to do is explain your company's mission and vision. One of the monthly winners will receive a grant of $25,000 before the conclusion of the fiscal year.

A grant from the Girlboss Foundation

The Sophia Amoruso Foundation, founded in 2014 by the entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, awards grants to women entrepreneurs twice a year. The candidates are evaluated based on innovation, originality, strategy, business acumen, and proof of financial need. A total of $15,000 is awarded to each of the recipients. These subsidies, however, are only available to female entrepreneurs in the fashion design, arts, and music industries.

Centres for Women's Entrepreneurship

Around 100 Women's Business Centers are funded by the Small Business Administration across the US. These institutes aim to help women entrepreneurs grow their enterprises and find new funding sources. A few, such as the California Capital Financial Development Corp., make direct loans to borrowers. On the other hand, others can help you locate small company loans and grants for which you may be eligible.

Centres for Small Business Development

University and college Small Business Development Centers are funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA). SBDCs provide free one-on-one business advice and support developing company plans, obtaining finance, and researching markets.


There may not be many small business grants available for women who want to start or build a firm, but the choices listed above should help you get started. Plus, when you factor in state and municipal grant opportunities for women entrepreneurs, you should be able to find a substantial number of grants to apply for.

Make sure you understand the rules for any prizes you apply for and that your application is submitted on time. If grants don't work out or you need more money, look into your other funding options.