Grow Online Sales

If you operate a retail shop and wish to expand your business, setting up an eCommerce store is a great option. However, starting the online vertical is no less than building a new store altogether. Moreover, one of the biggest challenges of selling online is optimizing your conversion rates. Getting your customers, shop on a website needs a different strategy. 

This blog will provide guidelines for improving eCommerce conversion optimization; thereby help you grow online sales.

Let’s first understand what an eCommerce conversion is.  

E-Commerce Conversion

A conversion rate is the percentage of shoppers who take a specific action that you are measuring. In other words, a conversion rate helps you calculate sales of a particular item.

However, conversion rates can be measured for just about anything. You can measure conversion rates of specific buttons clicked, abandoned carts purchased, a new product added to the cart, emails viewed, social media likes/shares etc.

Conversion rate optimization

Optimizing your conversion rates aims to enhance your eCommerce shopping experience to boost a particular area of business. It basically involves amping up your sales.

Conversion rate optimization is about offering a quality shopping experience to your customers in the eCommerce world. Nevertheless, achieving customer rate optimization means focusing on the customer and offering them what they desire through online shopping. Thereby increasing your conversion rates.

Is there a reasonable rate of conversion?

How will you measure if a conversion rate is reasonable? It depends on different factors such as the industry you are operating in, the performance indicator you are measuring and the webpage.

It is crucial to measure changes that you have made in efforts of boosting conversions. How would you do that? A/B testing is one such way that helps you know how successful changes to a website are.

Whenever you make a particular change, calculate the conversion rate of the KPI before and after. Besides that, ensure that you measure changes over a significant span to get meaningful data. A few variations may occur if the sample size is too small or the period is too short. Give the campaign time to display a correct rate of conversion. A good conversion rate is somewhere between 1% and 3%.  

Following are a few guidelines to improve eCommerce conversion:

1. Offer personalized shopping experience

Staying personal with your shoppers becomes crucial as eCommerce shopping is already more impersonal in nature. By offering a personalized shopping experience, you can build trust in your store and brand.

There are different ways you can make your customers feel more welcome. For example, encourage repeat shoppers to sign in. Thereby, track their shopping history to offer them discounts and free items on things you know they’ll be happy having.

2. Make it simple

Keep your pages simple for easier navigation. Don’t make shoppers feel confused about how they can find their cart or complete a purchase. Consider adding internal links wherever needs, navigation bars to guide your customers from the moment they start to the moment they finish.

Besides that, don’t make a sign in a requirement to complete a purchase.

3. Add a search feature

Consider adding an internal search feature that helps in improving the shopping experience. You can also focus on tagging products with some major keywords.

4. Find a well-integrated POS system

To make an eCommerce site work well, an efficient payment gateway is necessary. Thus, find a POS (Point of Sale) system that integrates to your eCommerce site. Thereby, all sales and inventory are integrated.

5. Get feedback for your conversion rate optimization

Feedback or reviews help you build credibility with your brand. Thus, encourage your customers to leave their valuable feedback and reward them with a free item or promotion.  


Setting up an online store have different requirements than that of a brick and mortar shop. Considering this difference, retailers need to measure a few metrics while operating an eCommerce store. eCommerce conversion is one such metric that needs to be measured to make desired changes. This blog has explained customer rate optimization and provided a few guidelines to improve eCommerce conversion. Remember the key points and get ready to expand your online store and grow online sales.