YouTube ads

YouTube is among the most popular search engines. As of now, more than two billion people use YouTube every month. And remarketing ads boost engagement by 400%. 

Thus, consider building a killer YouTube remarketing strategy. Thereby, improve ROI. But let’s first understand what YouTube remarketing is.

YouTube Remarketing or YouTube Retargeting aims at boosting user engagement who have already paid a visit to your YouTube channel with the help of YouTube channel data and Google ads.  

How Does YouTube Retargeting Work?

With retargeting ads, you can reach approximately 90% of people on the internet across more than 2 million sites using the Google Display Network.

Once visitors browse your website, they begin to see your ads while reading the article, listening to music, and scrolling through other sites. The ads remind them about the excellent products and services you offer, bringing them back to your site and checking the benefits.

YouTube Remarketing combines YouTube Channel data with Google Ads targeting to help your business engage with people who have already visited your YouTube Channel.

In this form of Digital Advertising, one can create an audience list in Google Ads based on various YouTube actions, such as:

  • Watching specific videos
  • Channel subscriptions
  • Video likes
  • Landing on the channel’s homepage

After you have your audience list, you can serve ads on YouTube or Google’s other ad networks.

Remarketing List Creation For YouTube

Begin your journey by creating an active YouTube channel & A Google Ads account

Now you are good to go!

YouTube Remarketing Process

  • Sync your YouTube account with Google Ads
  • Click onto your YouTube studio dashboard and open your advanced channel settings.
  • Add your Google Ads information by clicking on the “Link Account” button.
  • Fill in your ten digits Google Ads customer ID
  • Approve the Google Ads link request
  • Confirm that your accounts are linked 

Create An Audience In Google Ads Based On Your YouTube Data

To create a remarketing list, one should click onto the “Audience Manager” and select “YouTube users” to build your remarketing audience. Next, you need to

Enter the audience name

Choose target audience

Select a specific YouTube Channel (if there is more than one)

Decide how Google Ads will collect audience information

Check “List members” to view all your targeting options.

Lastly, after the information is complete, click on to “Create” button and let Google Ads gather your data.

How to include your YouTube remarketing audience in your ads

Now it is time to use the created audience, and when creating your YouTube Ads campaign, you need to:

Make sure to select targeted audiences that are in your YouTube retargeting list.

Link Ads to the YouTube video, Add business details, or upload your files.

One can check the Google Ads guide for best practices.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve learned about YouTube video retargeting, you can start right away by researching and creating your own YouTube Ads to reach your targeted audience. The blog further helps users to use YouTube Remarketing for Business growth.