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Part – 1

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In this article, we will be sharing a few tips on how GoFounders can successfully grow your downline! You will learn invaluable tips on how you can engage in successful team-building practices while also improving your leadership skills. This is part one in the growing your downline series, and we will be covering more tips in part two as well!

Network marketing is an incredibly profitable venture if you understand how to do it well! The bigger your team is, the larger your commission check will end up being, and with our simple and easy to follow steps, you will be able to build your team successfully!

Follow our easy and simple tips to build your strong downline in your team filled with dedicated, hardworking, and passionate team members.

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Tips to improve your leadership and team-building success:

1. Following The 3 E’s of Success

Your success as a leader is dependent on the success of your team. When you do a great job training your representatives to build a deeply-rooted team where each member is empowered, educated, and engaged.

You need to build a network of team members with the following qualities such as:

  • Being fully engaged
  • Having enthusiasm for the future
  • Great sales skills
  • Being able to handle rejection
  • Being great mentors to their recruits
  • Having a good knowledge of marketing
  • Good understanding of the network marketing industry

Rather than building a lukewarm team who is only looking for quick money, without putting the effort in, you must always approach team-building with the correct mindset.

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Your downline success will be determined by two crucial factors which are:

  • Understanding the amount of value you provide
  • The total amount of support you offer

2. Evaluating Long &Short Term Strategies

As a network marketer whose sole purpose is to grow your business, you need to develop a system that can be replicated and applied by anyone on your team. Your new recruits need to know how to build a strong team starting right now to easily replicate their results in the future. You also need to understand that there is both a short term game and a long term game for your team to participate in. Let us understand these strategies in greater detail.

Short Game Strategy

You should be able to train your team on how to get immediate results which indirectly boosts their confidence as well. Teach them how to increase traffic to their sites, how to run webinars, and where to look for customers and how to present the opportunity.

Long Game Strategy

The long term strategy should be to train your team on how to get high-yield results over a long period of time. You should also be able to educate your team in various ways by connecting them with customers and prospects. This can be further improved by encouraging everyone on your team to start building to generate leads. Your team members can also further take action on this immediately by building connections and trust, with results that will follow in the future.


By following both short-term and long-term approaches and knowing your business that your company is involved with is essential. We hope you found this article informative in understanding exactly how to grow your downline. There are more tips that are coming in the second part of the ‘Growing your downline with GoFounders’. So, make sure to check out that blog to gain a better understanding of just how to grow your downline.

Thanks for reading!

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