Part – 2

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Welcome to the second part of ‘Growing Your Downline with GoFounders!’. This is the final article in the series, where we will be learning about the remaining crucial tips to improve your downline with great team-building and leadership skills. So without further ado, let us dive into the tips to grow your downline:

1. Great Team Building Principles

Having great team-building principles is an excellent method of imbibing the values that you want to see in your team. You can educate your team by using two popular methods such as:

  • Knowledge: Learning about the business/compensation model, the network marketing industry, the products you sell, and who your ideal buyers are.
  • Action: Understanding how you build a business that includes prospecting, selling, marketing, recruiting, duplicating, and training.

By having a simple and systematic method of progressive education to support every team member, you need to teach them how to teach their recruits. When you are not progressing your education, you should expect most of your recruits to quit the moment they run into any resistance. In short, team building is a learned skill and if you apply these proven principles of team building, you can build up your team’s level of engagement, by enjoying significantly greater profits.

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2. Improving Leadership Skills

Being a great leader is one of the most important skills that you must have if you hope to grow your downline. Even if you do not have the best team building and leadership skills you can improve your skills in the following ways:

  • Investing in your own education & growth
  • Making no assumptions
  • Focusing on people with greater potential
  • Setting realistic expectations to work with
  • Setting achievable goals for your team
  • Keeping track of your team’s progress
  • Being the example for your team to follow
  • Always being available for your team
  • Recognizing the efforts of your team
  • Inspiring your team members frequently
  • Teach your team to become leaders
  • Always be available for service
  • Helping people shine
  • Setting the best boundaries
  • Never hoarding information

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3. Working around Team-Building Obstacles

There are many obstacles that your team might face which can be detrimental to the overall growth and progress of your downline. Let us look into the major obstacles faced by teams all across the world:

  • Fear of Recruiting: This is easily the biggest fear that your members will have. The innate fear to build trust with connections must be taught. Only then will they be able to provide value with a better mindset of success.
  • Lack of Action: Another big obstacle that may stand in your way while building around the perfect team. After the initial thrill and motivation, many do not convert this energy into actionable results. This really needs to be worked on with your team members.
  • Working at an incredibly slow pace: Having a slow, steady pace is a great method of working around obstacles, however, if you move at an incredibly slow rate your team members will never be able to achieve their targets and their potential.
  • Unable to build engagement with new team members: The inability to engage and communicate with newer team members who join is also a big obstacle. This should be actively worked on to build effective management.
  • Lack of an active thriving community:  The community aspect is something that just cannot be disregarded, and a stale community may prove to be disastrous while an active thriving community is an excellent resource.


In conclusion, these are all the main ways you can successfully grow your downline with the help of GoFounders. We hope you found these tips informative in understanding how to improve your team-building and leadership skills. Good luck with your downline!

Thanks for reading.

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