Businesses will succeed by solving the problems, but many people don’t have an idea from where to start. How to pick the products or services to turn into problem-solving enterprises?

Here is the idea where the result is guaranteed. Analyze the work you have done in the past and where the choke points are. What are the problems people avoided due to your work?

How to build a business which helps people?

It would help if you learned something useful at some point and no matter how you are at the starting of your life and career. Whether from gardening in small spaces to designing the fire safety systems, it may be anything. Everyone will have a speciality in them. It’s not representing that you should be the world’s authority on a subject. It’s telling that you should talk competently on how to solve the problems in that niche of the world.

Finding a sufficient number of people who are interested in the same niche and how to connect with the community, which is valuable to them is the primary goal of a startup’s marketing efforts. You need to market for the one who respects the value of the knowledge you have on a focused topic, and you don’t need to market for everyone.

Let’s discuss with an example if you founded an engineering business and learned the new tricks of the trade from your dad years. Then you are the not the brightest guy in the field. You will have a piece of working knowledge on what didn’t work with the applying strategies to solve the problems in the general area. But many people won’t do that because they know how hard it will be.

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The technology that you create and the market will have a small market size. Generally, there will be a 5 to 10 potential customers per state. You can check with the past work you did in the field and can know what didn’t work and can open that market and start shipping systems. It helps to develop an enthusiastic customer and receive many business and innovation awards.

 If you have the skills that you don’t recognize and appreciate, don’t neglect them. Analyze the skills and look for the small long-tail niches for developing the markets. Here are some questions, please think of them.

Questions to think:

  • What problems you have to run into the course of your own life?
  • For what your friends and family frustrated?
  • Where you focused your passions?
  • What you know more about the people in business life and private life?
  • Are the problems you see are from the defined niches?
  • What are the services you offer to fix the problems?

You can build your enterprise from these ideas. Do check all. Make a wish list and think about solving the problems and to add value. Also, how to become the world expert at one single thing?

Now, you can start analyzing the problems to solve and to create a business model.

Now’s the time to start identifying problems you can solve and how you can create a business model around them. Fill in the blanks below to begin crafting your idea.

So, be polite, respectful and join these conversations smoothly. Start to gather the names of thought leaders and potential customers so that you can collaborate with them. Join the discussions without having any expectations on immediate returns. You can operate to make the changes in the world which are excellent and passionate about.

Make a sustainable and outstanding enterprise with a solution. It can be possible in the next few months and years if you are smart and careful.