Right Product Promotion Strategy

Are you ready to promote your new product? Well, your primary task of creating a solid product promotion strategy starts here. You may already know that getting initial traction for your product is not easier as there are multiple products with similar features available today.

So, how can you get your products to customers, and how do you create trust? While it’s not that easy, it’s not entirely unachievable if you strive hard.

To devise a robust promotion marketing strategy, you’ll need to adopt various strategies. Here, our marketing analysts have outlined all the steps involved in creating a reliable product promotion strategy.

How to Create a Solid Product Promotion Strategy

#1: Email Marketing

Before your product launch, you may send emails to all your valuable and active customers regarding the new product and its features.

The primary purpose of sending the email communication to loyal customers is to get drive traffic to your website. Retaining new customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

So, by sending emails to your valuable customers, you can enhance their trust with the brand. You may opt to personalize emails to your customers by making them feel special.

Considering your business budget, you may offer promotional discounts or offers to your loyal customers during the launch.

#2: It’s all about visuals today

Advertisements in the form of content can not help businesses today. You can’t expect people to buy your products without knowing what it looks like, how it functions, and much more.

Visuals are the best way to make your customers understand more about your products.

Using visuals, try to give your customers a crystal-clear idea of the product you’re looking to sell.

Videos, GIFs, and engaging contents bring 10x more conversions compared to traditional graphics. Think about the videos and graphics you can include on your product page or the how-to videos you can release online.

#3: Collaborate with top influencers

As the marketplace is becoming more competitive each day, leading product companies are looking to collaborate with more influencers to promote their products. Before your product launch, you must identify some influencers who are willing to work with your company. 

Collaboration with top influencers builds trust among audiences and drives sales. This will also ensure a successful launch for your product. 

#4: Run a contest

Running a contest is one of the significant steps in creating a product promotion strategy. To create a buzz around your product before launch, run a game or a takeaway for your social followers. By running competitions, you can get contact information of target customers and utilize them in the long run.

For making for product launch successful, you can give two to three products to lucky winners on the launch day. This will increase word of mouth marketing. Obviously, people who are interested in your product will spend their time participating in the contest.

Consider retargeting customers participating in the campaigns to drive higher conversions and sales.

#5: Collaborate with partners

To increase awareness about your new product, you can collaborate with partners who align with your product and business. It’s another way to reach out to audiences to whom you don’t have direct access.

With this, you can also send email communications to a large group of customers about your product specifications. As various similar products are available in the market, you must have a unique value proposition.

You must advertise your products by prioritizing the features that make your product different from others.

#6: Virtual launch

Today, virtual launches are gaining popularity online. Facebook Live and Instagram live are some of the virtual launch options available for marketers.

As two out of five audiences regularly use social media, launching your products through virtual live events can help drive sales.

While throwing a virtual launch, you can invite all your team members, such as production, engineers, designers, and much more.

They can be given a chance to share their views on the product and about its manufacturing processes. This eventually increases trust among customers with the brand.

#7: Promote educational content

To increase awareness of your product, spend time creating informative content that helps customers better understand the product.

Creating how-to videos and promoting educational material on how to use the product can help customers. While creating educational content, try to be a value provider.


If you have not started creating your product promotion strategy for your next product launch, it’s high time to start. Follow the ways mentioned above while creating a product marketing strategy.

This is sure to help you gain massive traction for your product and drive sales.