Guidelines To Get Started With Hosting Your Own Website Locally

Do you want to publish your website on the Internet? Then, you will need web hosting, a service that can help you with this. Moreover, a web host or a hosting provider is a company that offers you the tools for website updating.

Web hosting importance is seen in creating a website. Without hosting, you will not be able to make your site public. When website files are stored on servers, Internet browsers can communicate with them to provide required pages to visitors.

However, there are two ways you can host a website: either externally/publicly or locally. While an externally hosted site is stored on a provider’s server, a locally hosted site is stored on your system.

Five ways to host a website on the Internet

While you decide to get started with web hosting, you will need to decide which provider to go with. Before you purchase any of these plans, make sure to read reviews about these services. Following are the five guidelines to consider while hosting a website on the Internet:

I. Select the best type of hosting for your site

If you are opting for WordPress, you will come across five types of hosting as follows:

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  2. Shared
  3. Cloud
  4. Dedicated
  5. Managed WordPress hosting

Each of the above hosting types has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, a shared hosting plan can work well for smaller sites while the other types provide improved performance and uptime.

A WordPress-specific hosting plan helps you relieve some of the burdens of site maintenance. It also offers some tools and services that would save you money. 

II. Look for extra features provided by various web hosts

Many web hosts provide some additional features that can be useful for your site, such as:
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), free domain name registration, SSL certificates, automated backups, services for sending emails, security features like firewalls and regular scans etc. You need to decide what extra features you might need for your website.

III. Check and consider different providers’ customer support options

Some customer service accompanies every hosting service. You must check if the 24/7 service is available that will enable you to connect quickly and receive support in the event of any server-related error.

Also, check for some self-service support options such as user forums, documentation, or blog posts to help you quickly resolve any concerns.

Consider referring to the 2018 WordPress Hosting Survey that contains useful information on customer service.

IV. Opt for a budget-friendly hosting plan 

While you can pay monthly or annually, opt for a hosting plan that you will be able to afford regularly. Besides that, there are several low-cost hosting plans available. Some plans are even available for free. However, it will be wise if you avoid free plans as they come with some additional issues. Instead, it is advisable to consider a low-cost plan that provides a diverse range of services.

V. WordPress installation option matters!

It is essential to decide how you will install WordPress on your hosting account. Your WordPress installation option can make a huge difference in the ease with which you can set up your website.  

You can manually install WordPress no matter which hosting provider you select. It involves connecting to your server through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with a client.

Some plans come pre-installed with WordPress. Besides that, you can opt for some managed WordPress hosting providers that offer a one-click installation option, enabling you quickly install the software on your account.

Ways to host your own website locally

Two popular options guide you host your own website locally:

  • Use a local web stack 

A local web stack is software that incorporates a web server and other components needed for local development. So why opt for a local web stack? Well, it offers you the most control over your site. It also helps you keep your site completely private while avoiding access to other users.

  • Opt for a virtual sandbox environment 

A virtual sandbox environment enables you to create a local WordPress site more easily. In addition, this platform makes it simple for you to set up local WordPress installations.

You need to sign up and download a virtual sandbox app. Please configure your settings so that your sites are invisible to search engines.

Also, be mindful that you will still depend upon a third-party resource even if your sites are hosted locally.


Multiple factors you need to consider while you get into web hosting. First, learning the basics of hosting and how it works will surely help you make informed decisions about hosting your WordPress website. Second, choosing a hosting provider is also one of the critical aspects of web hosting. Moreover, before you make any purchase, make sure that you are well aware of the hosting features, customer support, ease of installation and price. Then, with research and smart choice, you will definitely rock it with your web hosting.