Accelerate Your Productivity

The idea of doing more with less is usually recommended when considering an increase in productivity, but how do you really apply the principle mentioned above to your business?

The answer to this question is “time management.” Staying on a job is a real test in this day and age. With countless distractions at our fingertips, our daily lives revolve around screen-oriented activities from Facebook notifications to work emails— but how is it possible to accomplish every task of your to-do list and effectively manage your time to be productive?

To increase your efficiency and productivity, you must take the same ten hours of delegated work-time every day and discover ways to get more done at the same time.

Time trackers are a simple, yet highly effective, and affordable way to monitor your time and evaluate how you use your time to finally help you and/or your team make better judgments and enhance productivity levels in the future.

To manage time effectively and develop a productive business, you must have a set plan for it. The ONPASSIVE ecosystem has developed a few strategies to help you accelerate your productivity.

  • Specialize Offerings

No factory worker must build a car from start to finish, and not every business should try to compete with those around by offering the exact same goods or services. It decreases productivity and consumes too much time and energy. If you are aware that your business is excellent at making t-shirts and hats, but struggles with making shoes and pants, it can be intelligent to consider lessening your offerings to just hats and t-shirts. Odds are that your clientele is coming to your business repeatedly because of those excellent services, not because you offer as many products or services as your competitor around the area.

  • Try 80/20 Exercises

The 80/20 rule is the concept that 80% of your business activity results in 20% of your productivity. This can be devised and implemented to multiple facets in business or life, and it can be an excellent reminder that being busy is not symbolic of productivity. Once you take a step back and assess how your time is spent in a day, you may be surprised to find that you’re spending the vast majority of your time only on a small portion of the company. Conversely, you might find that if you filter a few of your essential core jobs, they only take up a minimum percentage of your time during the day but make a huge impact. The solution is to put your time and energy on the 80% of activities that only take up 20% of your time. Remove the low-payoff, high-effort activities and spend more time focusing on what you are already great at.

  • Train and Empower

As an entrepreneur, you must naturally find yourself trying to manage each aspect of the business in its outset. As you progress, you’ll discover that it gets to be a bit too much for one single person and that even finding the time to check your email may be lost in the process. Whether you have one employee or more, finding out time to educate and train them. This will pay significant dividends in the long run with employees who run the company with attention and care to detail as if it were their own. They are there to support you and help your enterprise flourish, but you must be willing to accept their help.

  • Manage Your Time with Tech

When activities like mindlessly checking emails and scrolling through social media are great examples of how technology can halt your productivity, there are countless productivity-focused software, tools, and apps out there to better manage your time so that you can be more productive. Taking time to set up calendar reminders to keep you on track, using a password storage app, or email management tools can enable you to manage your time rather than the time managing you.

  • Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are essential for a business. Your most valuable business tool is the consumer who walks in your door each and every single day. Usually, forgotten things such as remembering names or favorite items may not look important to you, but it might mean the world to your customer. That smile that they leave upon your business can lead to positive word of mouth and recommendations to their family and friends. Perhaps memorizing names isn’t your thing. Consider utilizing a customer relationship management tool from ONPASSIVE to keep the details organized and easily accessible. For example, time-consuming tasks such as sending individual emails can be automated by this tool so that you can send a thank-you email after they make a purchase and add a personal touch to your service.

Increasing productivity is something that doesn’t happen overnight, and it absolutely requires extra work and reflection. A guiding belief is that to do more now so that you can do less later. You must understand your time and how you can use it so that you can effectively manage your time and accelerate your productivity