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I live in Ontario Canada, I turned to the internet about 7 years ago to see if I could generate an income, because I was tired of the life I was living! I was injured 34 years ago that disabled me. Because I couldn't work. I found out the hard way, that there was much more to marketing than I knew! I was set up by pro's who left me in a large debt! Then I discovered, Go Founders, The rest is History, I joined Go Founders, because of a very honorable man, Ash Mufareh, I heard him speak about things, wrong with the internet, we had so much in common, I put all my faith and Trust in Ash, and he sure did not disappoint, as I' am a Founder of ONPASSIVE, and It's the greatest Business in the World, led by Love Honor and Loyalty, Ash has done what no other man has ever done! He is a Saint, because he had a Vision, that is today the greatest Business in all History of the internet, ONPASSIVE, it gave me more than hopes and dreams, it saved my Life!

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