Having COMPASSION for the SEEKERS of a better life, that’s what’s going on here.

Nothing in this world is a coincidence. We chose to live here before birth, just as we chose where we were born, and just as we chose our life mission, now we just have to remember what we had planned before we were born.

I also perceive this ONPASSIVE Company as not being a coincidence. Hindu sages, grappling with the universal issues of evil and suffering among humans, came to what it is called the law of Karma, the law of cause and effect. Even I also believe in the law of cause and effect. In business, this is doubly true: “Whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.”

I think that this company is here to move us somewhere, not only in personal development, in new thinking, but also in spiritual development. However, I don’t mean the church, but meditation and work on oneself.

By this I mean the realization that this world will go to higher dimensions (4D, 5D to 7D) and people will finally be able to free themselves from slavery, from manipulative matters, and I think that anyone who is now at least a little awakened must realize that “a pandemic COVID-19” hasn’t only a political but above all a pharmaceutical context, behind which is that they want to control us and need to get more vaccines into us in so that we can thank the more metals in the body (aluminum, etc.), they reacted “better” to radiation 5G network.

ONPASSIVE has the power to open people’s eyes; ONPASSIVE has the power to change the world. But compassion is what is at stake here. We, awakened people, understand that not everyone is on the level of being – spiritual or financial awakening, like some others.

So we sympathize with people who want to stay in employment voluntarily, but it isn’t possible to regret them, because everyone has a choice. We can direct people, we can show them the way, it is possible to push them a little with correctly chosen questions, we call it a pro-activity approach, but the decision whether one wants to be rich or to remain poor must be made by each person alone.

Everyone has a choice, we can comfort them all day, we can try to listen to those people empathetically, but what does it lead to?

If we join this wave, that whenever a friend writes to you that she needs to discuss something important with you, we will make an appointment with her and she will explain to us for an hour how unhappy she is at work. She explains, that her boss pays her little and cries on our shoulder, so you can help her for a short time, but in a week, she will go to work again, she will be mad at the boss again, she will want to make an appointment with you again and she will complain about my life with coffee, so I ask you: “Does it make sense? Is it possible to help those people?” No, and don’t even let her cry on your shoulder either.

And now comes a proactive approach and we tell them, “Look, I’m willing to go to a coffee shop with you, but you need to make a change in your life first, first register with ONPASSIVE to create financial freedom, and then you won’t have to complain about what a bad day you had at work.

When she registers and makes a change, everything is fine and you can meet her.

However, if she doesn’t, it’s best not to go for the coffee with her, because that’s how you would comfort her every week, over and over again, she would confess to you again and cry on your shoulder, but in the long run, it doesn’t lead anywhere. You will be sad, she will be sad. And what will you solve in the long run? Nothing.

Compassion is what everyone should learn. We understand that the person doesn’t yet have the knowledge that we have. However, if they already have the information on how they can change their lives, and they decide to stay poor again, Nothing can. 

We tell them what we can do for them, we tell them how their financial situation can change in one year, but if they are unable to lift their butts and make a change, it is their life, their problem, because they have voluntarily chosen to be and stay poor, be at the bottom and live as before. Just open your eyes, people. Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

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