Hello, Wonderful Global Founder Family!

Global Founder Family

What a great day it has been!  It started off TOTALLY RIGHT FOR ME because I woke up!  Always a good sign that it’s going to be another fantastic day I get to be on this earth!

Of course, I always have to get my morning fix by checking out our Community, before tackling my emails and getting us caught up on trying to help as many Founders as I can with the little issues that arise.
I am so excited about all the progress our Beloved CEO is making for us, and I know most of you are, too.  Just look at the numbers of Founders positions going up, up, and up!  What an incredible job each of you is doing, and what a joy it is getting to know so many of you!  Thank you, each of you, and all of you, for adding so much love, joy, and caring to my life!

And thank you, Mr. Ash Mufareh, for being such a bright shining beacon of light for those of us who never gave up on the idea and the hope that there was a leader of your caliber just waiting to guide us to a more successful future!

I know I speak for thousands of others when I say We Are In It To Win It All The Way!

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Cyndee Hopkins

onpassive founder
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  • Kevin Matthews Kevin Matthews

    Thanks Cyndee for all you do for all of us Founders.
    It’s people like you that make it such a joy to be part of this incredible movement.

    11 months ago | 9 May, 2020 10:20 am Reply
  • Avatar Johanna Somorai

    Einfach wunderbar. Ich beglückwünsche Sie zu dieser Freude, täglich Menschen dabei zu unterstützen, damit sie erfolgreich sein oder werden können.
    Mein großer Dank geht an Herrn Ash Mufareh, der uns eine wunderbare, erfolgreiche und glückliche Zukunft bescheren wird.

    11 months ago | 9 May, 2020 4:58 am Reply
  • Marton Janos Zsido Marton Janos Zsido

    Great writing. Yes every day is a gift from the good god and every gift day will be thanks to Mr. Ash Mufareh.
    God bless Mr. Ash Mufareh!
    confident to win
        / by google translate /

    11 months ago | 8 May, 2020 4:08 pm Reply

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