Decision Making through ONPASSIVE

Do your personality, communication skills, and education play a big role in influencing people? Do you believe this is essential for your success?

I believe all of the above are essential but not the primary traits needed to influence people. If your character is flawed and lacks trust, then your chance of building that long term relationship will fail.

If I am trying to influence people to do what I want, see my point of view, get motivated to work with me in my online business and my character is flawed, there is no way I can be successful.

Our character develops over time and is a result of experiences, both good and evil, that we have had in our lives. We learn from those experiences and develop certain habits in our lives that reflect who we are.

Maybe you have poor communication skills and have a difficult time sharing your thoughts. Who you are is much more important than your struggle to communicate effectively. The good news is you can always improve if you have the desire and motivation.

One of my goals is to learn another language. Years ago, I thought that would be impossible, but now people of all ages are achieving this goal because the technology is available that makes it a piece of cake.

We have desires to succeed in life by applying our skills and knowledge to all aspects of life – spiritual, relationships, work, and health.

Many of us have started online businesses and are excited to share this with the world.

To effectively influence your audience, I submit that they get to know you first. Establish that trust, and take to heart some of the suggestions I have made so far. Then move on to introducing them to your product or service.

If you want to be in a position to be the Go-to Person and have influence in your market, you should be providing good information. Don’t continually beat up your list by selling to them all the time, but provide them excellent content.

Make a passive pitch that provides pure content and then direct people to the product that you believe will help them succeed.

The bottom line is that you want to help people. Create content that will inspire and excite them. You should be the bright spot in their day.

Your message should be an exciting moment for that person.

You want them to look forward to your next message knowing that they aren’t continually going to get pitched.

It’s amazing how resistant people are to this constant pitch. However, once they consider you the Go-To Person, the consultant, or an expert, then you will always have a story to tell them and will be a Positive Influence.

We want to help you with your journey and introduce you to what we feel is the most amazing online opportunity to every come along.