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20 Mar 2020
3 Min read

Hi, to all my Global partners

I’d like to share with you the way ONPASSIVE has changed my way of thinking and the hope that it will bring positive change to the world.

I have to admit when I joined ONPASSIVE it was the compensation plan that quickly got me hooked but as time rolls on I believe that ONPASSIVE is so much more.

I truly believe the ONPASSIVE community will have the power to change the world’s economy for the better. Here in Australia people are living paycheck to paycheck even though politicians tell you the economy is doing great, and it probably is for them being the top rich 10%. I’m not telling you anything new as every country has a huge gap between rich and poor.

Enough of the depressing stuff because ONPASSIVE will change everything for the better. This is how I daydream, the world will be after a few years of ONPASSIVE launching to the world. Most of the following can be almost eliminated, freeing up funds for the Governments to spend on infrastructure, etc. Unemployment, Disability Pensions, Aged Pensions, & Health care. No longer will the Politicians complain about having to give people Government hand-outs.

Then there is also the massive boost to the industry such as cars, the building industry, white goods manufacturing and so forth. I believe that once wealth is spread in the world more evenly instead of being hoarded by the privileged few, things will begin to change for the better.

Maybe as a community, we can work on stopping child labor factories, plus human trafficking, endangered animals, and saving our environment. Let’s face it with all this money our kids will inherit they will be assured of a great future. Our children are going to want a beautiful world to live in… Right?

Before ONPASSIVE I was very worried about the future generations. I believe for me this is not a daydream anymore. This will happen when we all come together.

Thank you Mr. Ash Mufareh from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams a reality.

One day we will be able to say to people “YOU DON’T NEED TO BE POOR UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BE BECAUSE – WE HAVE ONPASSIVE”  

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