Artificial intelligence or AI chatbots is a text or voice-based interface that simulate a typical person-to-person interaction to aid and communicate with human users with the resources or information they need.

While text-based chatbots are also installed on social media and websites to offer customer service and outreach. On the other hand, voice-based chatbots are most often used for the removal and filtering of consumer services and over the internet.

For several years, most smartphones have been inbuilt with an integrated chatbot feature and smart chat speakers which have also been trendy gift option.

How does AI Chatbots Work?

The most frequent chatbot interaction happens on a company website. These customer support bots normally appear after a human consumer spends a few minutes navigating through a website or shows habits that indicate they have been “lost” or are having difficulty finding the details they need.

The user will type their query in simple, syntactical English in the chatbot window. With the bot’s language recognition feature, it breaks down the question and links it to its database of previously requested queries to see whether there are any forms consumers who have gotten satisfactory answers in similar circumstances. When the search is over, the chatbot presents the user with the best and most relevant answer.

Use of AI Chatbots in Business

Chatbots are beneficial to both companies and customers because they remove obstacles to data access caused by anything from physical disability to lack of technological knowledge, streamline navigation to link users with results as soon as possible, and offer a cost-effective solution to hiring large numbers of service providers or partnering with costly call centres.

In few cases, dealing with an artificial intelligence chatbot is easier and more transparent than dealing with a human expert. If that looks too good to be real, consider the following examples of how AI-chatbots are used on a daily basis:

  • Website navigation 
  • Customer Service Portals/ Call Centers
  • Virtual Personal Assistant Chatbots

Benefits of AI Chatbots

As a virtual assistant, AI Chatbots can interact with customers 24/7 and increase customer satisfaction. Chatbots are conveniently customizable for managing customer requests and increasing customer loyalty by providing immediate answers. The following are the key benefits of chatbot:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Instant response
  • Multilingual
  • Consistency in answers
  • Personalized interactions
  • Seamless transactions
  • Cost-saving
  • AI-driven support
  • Better customer data analysis
  • Enhances customer engagement and sales
  • Saves time

If you are looking for an AI-powered next-gen tool to automate your organization’s administrative and recruitment process, O-Staff by ONPASSIVE is an idle product for you.

How does Chatbot help in the HR Department?

Chatbots are useful to all types of businesses and industries today, regardless of their industry. One such industry is Human Resources. It will be one of the fields where chatbots will make a significant difference. Chatbots transform how HR departments work because they are a virtual assistant that can connect with employees through text messages, websites, apps, or instant messages. Check out below six ways in which HR department use AI chatbots to achieve their goals. 

  • Staff recruitment
  • Onboarding employees
  • Centralizing information
  • Employee training
  • Annual reviews

What is HRMS Software?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It is a type of HR software that uses information technology to handle a variety of HR functions. HRMS software aims to increase the productivity and performance of a company. This is through the automation of manual and routine operations. It also allows focusing on more strategic, mission-critical activities. 

The strengths of a human resource management scheme are usually covered by an HRMS. Payroll and Time & Labor Management are the two most common features of a modern HRMS.


When it comes to telework, a chatbot for the company’s Human Resources department is extremely useful. It encourages employee service in addition to maintaining productivity levels. Now is the time for all HR executives to act! 

As organizational communication becomes more important, it is obvious that if you are not incorporating HR chatbots into your workflow, you will fall behind the competition. HR Chatbots are the much-needed personal assistants. So, do not wait! Contact us to know more.