AI Chatbot

Startups turn out many a year. However, many of them do not turn fruitful. The reasons may vary. Focusing on the essential marketing execution can contribute to success.

Every business has a target audience. So, knowing their role is significant. For this, the role of AI chatbots holds prominence. Let us know about chatbots and their role in small businesses.

AI Chatbots for small businesses

Listed below are some of the salient features of AI Chatbots:

  • Customer interaction can turn interactive with AI Chats.
  • Pose one question at a time for relevant answers
  • AI chatbots study customer’s intent and respond accordingly
  • Modernization paved the way for AI Chatbots to makes sales directly
  • Chatbots have enabled to promote relevant audio, video and GIF files to interest the users
  • Collects highly useful customer information.

Some of the advantages of AI Chatbot include the following:

  • Timely and prompt responses
  • Reduces human dependencies
  • Effective means of user communication
  • Customer support is all day long
  • Increases user engagement
  • Inbuilt ability to work with multiple customers at one time
  • Gives latest updates on the business products and services more instantly
  • Reduces hiring costs and proves cost-efficient  
  • Complex queries are carried forward to the humans to deal with

AI Chatbots can prove worth by incorporating the below features:

Security: Data security holds significance. The slightest negligence can defame the business reputation. Data storage and transmission must be safe and secure. So, if this could be met, more users would be interested in using them.

Cheer customers: If the chatbot and the customer experience is cheerful, no doubt the experience turns engaging and more likely to give a better user experience.

Language is not a barrier: If the chatbot can support multiple languages, it could be the most sought after product internationally.

Stay attentive with AI Chatbots

Any conversation can be friendly and understandable by identifying the moods of people. How about Chatbots? Do they recognize human emotions? At this point of time, 100% solutions are not offered. So, conversations taking place without gaining the mood of an individual might lead to disinterest. So, human aided Chatbots can avoid such situations.

If the user intent is not understood correctly, immediate redirection to suitable customer support can prove effective.

Having gone through some of its significant features and how it can prove beneficial, AI is definitively recommended for small businesses.

ONPASSIVE’s AI Chatbots:

Chatbots are driven with minimal human intervention. So, AI systems must be well trained with human intent to enable appropriate conversations. Satisfying this, ONPASSIVE’s O-Chat can work to understand human intent better. If the intent of the conversation is not understood, then the chatbot immediately carries forward to the humans to deal with. Such action will not disinterest or cause the user to frustrate.

The highly emotionally intelligent tool, O-Chat, integrates with the CRM tool to gather relevant customer data. Its autonomous reasoning can prove influential in terms of conversation. The tool’s capability to overcome some of the conversational challenges lies as the most sought after tool for customer interactions.


Indeed every small business is recommended to incorporate AI Chatbots as part of their workflow for their advantage. At the same time, it is essential to understand that AI chatbots have to be built to instantly drive the conversation to any humans to deal with if the intent could not be appropriately analyzed.

Such action would retain some valuable customers, whose role is likely to contribute to the business sales and growth. Get ahead and enjoy an intelligent and fulfilling conversation with O-Chat.