AI-based SMS marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the future of SMS marketing. A smart idea to grow your business. Change the way you operate your business.

AI-based SMS marketing is exceeding different marketing tactics, including email. SMS is one of the best ways to reach out to the customers and was all the rage a few years back. The introduction of AI into SMS marketing has transformed the tradition of SMS marketing by making it smarter.

Introduction to AI SMS Marketing:

AI SMS marketing is a multi-channel tool developed for contacting a target audience on their smartphones. AI in SMS marketing developed specific tools to help companies manage their customer service and sales in a smarter way. Reach out to target audience with genuine commitment and market your brand.


There are lots of features, AI-based software can provide for a company. Let us go through a few of the features of AI-based SMS marketing Services:

  •  Two-way Conversation:

An AI-based online platform allows a user in sending and receiving of messages. Many businesses prefer bilateral SMS assistance to connect with the consumer and provide them with quick support.

  • Real-time marketing:

The SMS channel has a read rate of 98%, and among this 98 %, 90% occur within three minutes. A feedback request, sending reminders and helping the customer via support SMS are among the few remarkable forms of the customer relationship.

  • Bulk SMS API:

Bulk SMS API allows a business to send a message to thousands of subscribers at once, which saves time. Bulk SMS is an effective way as it helps an organisation to broadcast a piece of information to thousands of consumers resulting in the growth of sales, decreases no show number for any event and grows the audience traffic for any business.

  • Track your broadcast:

Anyone using the AI-based SMS marketing service is always aware of the messages delivery rate, failed delivery rate, and rate of recipients links opened. Keeping track of broadcast message is done via a link tracking service of AI-based SMS marketing.

  • Higher ROI:

Look at any domain of digital marketing, AI-based SMS marketing has proven to be the best as it has a high rate of returns on investment. Automation in marketing has allowed reaching a high number of the target audience, which results in (Lead Generation) an increasing the number of consumers for any business.

  • Extend marketing messages with more characters:

As SMS allows a user with a character limit of 160 characters per message, many AI-based SMS marketing software allows user to send a message up to 304 characters depending upon a plan user opted for, when compared with MMS marketing, it is a lot cheaper.

  • Customer Loyalty:

SMS has been the best support in obtaining a customers loyalty, starting from sharing the Knowledge about the product -> Selection & Purchase of product -> Customer Support and Satisfaction -> Customer Retention & Recommendation. AI-based SMS marketing plan covers the entire lifecycle of consumer starting from the awareness about the product, which impacts the purchases till developing brand loyalty.  AI-based SMS marketing, on the whole, is an extensive territory to plunge. Though we have mentioned some significant features of AI-based SMS marketing here, nevertheless, more features can be added. Services like Bulk SMS, Link tracking, Bilateral Messaging, and Automation in marketing have a higher impact on lead generation to customer retention, which results in consumer loyalty.