The impact of AI is already taking over the Retail industry. Companies are investing in new technology to increase efficiency and productivity. Apparel retailers are among the first to embrace AI. Last year, the multi-category sector saw the most adoption, with online channels contributing 27.4% of total sales. The benefits of AI are obvious: it will allow retailers to make better decisions, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

The use of AI is already becoming a reality for some companies. In a recent survey, 37% of retailers said AI is already changing customer expectations, and another 36% expect it to do so in five years. Moreover, 87% of respondents said they expected AI to increase business growth. The most popular feature of AI is its ability to improve customer experience and customer retention. Many retail companies are already taking advantage of AI in their stores.

Improved Inventory Control & Forecasting

AI can improve inventory control and inventory forecasting. It can also help predict what consumers will buy and when. Moreover, it can also use sensors to detect what customers are buying. This concept could revolutionize the in-store shopping experience and increase social distancing. These innovations have been gaining traction in the retail industry.  

Boost Sales & Provide Seamless Shopping Experience

AI will still need a strong sales team to drive sales. Using AI to make shopping easier for customers will help make the process smoother for everyone. It can also support inexperienced sales staff through digital assistants, answering questions and providing information. It can even be used to help customers with requests. With these advancements, retailers will be able to reduce the costs of retail operations.

Automation is here to RULE!

AI will make it possible to automate tasks that previously required an in-person employee. It will also improve a retailer's customer experience. With all these advantages, AI will transform the retail industry. For retailers, AI will enable them to create a better online shopping experience. This will increase customer satisfaction. It will also help them improve their online sales and profitability. With this, AI will be an invaluable tool in the future of retail.

Optimize Supply Chain Management

As a result of AI, retailers can better optimize their supply chains. The AI tools will help them target customers and plan promotional strategies. It will also enable retailers to scan competitors' products and their customers' preferences. The use of AI in retail stores will increase their revenue. And it will make retail easier to automate and personalize. This is a significant benefit for businesses. A powerful AI system can save a lot of time.

Predict Market Demands

AI has the potential to revolutionize the retail industry. It can automate supply chains and predict customer needs. It can learn the behavior and preferences of customers to improve the customer experience. It can also help retailers improve their profits by reducing inventory. With the right AI system, retailers can make the most of their supply chain. OTRACKER by ONPASSIVE is an AI powered tracking tool that lets you make informed decisions based on your website visitors and user demographics. You can make your sales with AI by learning about your customers. You can even tailor advertising campaigns to match your customer's needs and interests.

Enhance Customer Experience

Besides optimizing operations, AI can improve customer experience. It can help retail businesses identify their target customers' preferences and make recommendations based on those preferences. It can enhance the shopping experience of customers by providing personalized recommendations. In addition, it can also boost the financial return of businesses. This can lead to more profit and improved efficiency. The new technologies are accessible to all types of retailers. If you're in the retail industry, you should try AI to stay ahead of the competition.


AI has the potential to improve the customer's experience. It can improve the overall customer experience, improve promotions, and streamline operations. By reducing the number of errors and frauds, AI can help retailers improve customers' shopping experience. The retail industry should be embracing this new technology if it wants to stay competitive. If you're ready to adapt to the latest trends, you'll be able to maximize AI's potential in your retail business.