Small Businesses

Do you remember those days when we used to go to physical stores and buy products? Yes, it’s a past now. But the world is changing, and people do not want to leave their house to get into the traffic, visit stores to stores, and indulge in the tedious process of going through a variety of similar products to buy one of them.

Instead, nowadays we all take the help of – the internet.

Why Should Small Businesses Prefer Going Online?

  1. Currently, the internet user population size is 4.48 billion who are making on an average of 50,000 Google search every second. Every second 2 websites are getting built for businesses and 2 million emails sent over the net. The above numbers suggest that your customers are already spending more time on the internet than offline.
  • 80% of the online users have one social media account, and they check those sites every now and then.
  • Social media sites and email marketing give neck-to-neck competition in terms of users. While 60% of marketers prefer email as the preferred channel for promotions, nearly 20% of them believe social media channels are the best way to reach target audiences.
  • The online community provides a better platform for reaching out to prospects, receiving their feedback, solving their problems, and establishing a long-term relationship with the customers.
  • It helps businesses to expand the reach and enter new marketplaces without any restrictions. Located in one place, your business could receive traffic from different marketplaces.
  • Online advertisement is comparatively less expensive and more effective than traditional ways of promotions. You could track the progress, modify and pause ads as and when required, measure the impact and analyze patterns to determine future demands.
  • Targeting the audience is much simpler and easier. The online world opens channels to upload various customer-related information that could be used to segregate and club different customer groups.

Hence, organizational communications, offers, and promotions could be personalized for similar customer groups. Even there are possibilities to customize ads and content for individual customers based on their previous interaction with the brand.

  • Have you heard the saying, “If you are not on Google, you do not exist”? That’s true, and the above numbers support this saying. Customers who do not know your brand search on Google for the products they are interested to know about or purchase. If your products are listed on Google, customers are most likely to see search results consisting of your brand name and product.

The internet has been solving business issues since its introduction. Being online is not an option; it’s the need of the hour. Don’t be worried if you are not online yet. ONPASSIVE is a company that exists to help small companies to have their online presence with the help of unlimited automation tools designed in-house.

The USP of ONPASSIVE automation tools is the integration of artificial intelligence that makes them efficient and highly productive. Check out this article to understand how ONPASSIVE AI could help your business receive an online presence. Do not forget to read the second part of the article created to help you understand ONPASSIVE’s role in your business.