AI Assistants

We all know Alexa – AI voice assistant from Amazon. Alexa is almost a family member because she is the only one who listens and who also switches off the lights, unlike our annoying siblings. We see voice assistants on all the smartphones, implementation of voice assistants have made basic functionalities of a smartphone simpler and faster. You can ask your phone to read your daily to-do list and upcoming events while you drive for your work.

As per the latest research, the use of smart virtual assistants and chatbots is significantly increasing. It is expected that by 2021, at least 25% of digital employees in the world will make use of virtual assistants. With the help of artificial intelligence, chatbots will impact more on the mobile app market than any other technologies. Therefore, it is essential to know a little about artificial intelligence and chatbots.

AI Assistants – Chatbots: An Introduction

AI assistant is an application program that can understand natural language voice commands and can help in completing tasks for the user. These programs can be trained, and they can learn from their own with the data and instructions provided. These programs are capable of reading emails or messages aloud, taking down something you dictate, looking up phone numbers and much more.

Here are the benefits of Chatbots and AI in Mobile Apps:

Better App-User Interaction

One of the best and most important benefits of the virtual assistant aka AI assistant is that it makes customer interaction more engaging and lively. AI Chatbots will never get bored with your chats, you can talk anything you want to, and it replies if there’s an answer. Moreover, it is capable of remembering a user’s taste and preferences. You no longer have to download a separate app for knowing about a place or anything. You can ask Google Assistant and Siri, and they will tell you everything.

Better User Recommendations

Chatbots are more like your friends because they listen to you and remember everything. AI assistants will know you better and recommend what you might be interested in. They will customize almost everything based on your taste. You as a user will be more excited to have Chatbots in your mobile apps and to see your phone personalized based on your favourites. These AI assistants use machine learning to understand your preferences and to give better recommendations.

AI Assistant in Messaging App

If you are a hard-core user of Facebook, you must be familiar with AI bots in the Facebook messenger app. There are several AI bots in Messenger that uses machine learning which interacts with the users and keeps the conversation going. These bots will help you by making your messaging simpler and more natural. AI assistant in messaging apps is capable of providing hands-free texting, with the help of AI assistants. Soon it will be possible to include emoji without even typing it from the keyboard.

By implementing AI-powered assistant in the smartphones, app developers are smarter and quick to get into developing AI-powered mobile applications. Smartphone assistants will make the usage of smartphone applications simpler and more accessible. Maybe there comes a day when you can ask your phone not to fall and turn the display into a permanent spider web.