How are Trimmed URL’s Effective?

Internet browsers serve users to access a web page of their interests, for which they need to type a URL. However, lengthy URLs disinterests them. However, short and easy URLs prove interesting. Concerning this, let us more details about what is a URL?

What is a URL? And, What is a Domain name?

URL, also known as Uniform Resource Locator, constitutes domain name and additional information, which when started in the browser navigates to a specific web page.

Computers and servers communicate with each other through some characters and numbers, usually called the IP address. So, each systems communicating across the internet has a unique IP address. Practically, typing such a complex IP address is difficult for any user. So, to make it simple, a domain name is defined as an alias to hide the IP address for better readability and simpleness.

URL and Domain Name difference can be best identified through the following example. is a URL, while constitutes a domain name.

How is domain name important for businesses?

  • Domain name builds trust and confidence among the users, and for business, it builds the worthiness of their products and services.
  • Users are tuned to use domain names to know the business products and services. If there is any shift in the web server, the same domain name can be used. However, it is not the case if any domain name is not defined. Also, a new URL has to be registered, leading to less recognition of your business. This also impacts the SEO ranking of the business web pages.
  • Suppose your business is into Jewellery, including Jewellery into the domain name. For example, contributes to SEO ranking.
  • A domain name must be able to influence the audience significantly. It should act as a gateway for any interested seeker to know what the business is into. A captivating domain name helps users to remember them easily and also promotes the business reputation.

We have studied how an effective domain name influence one’s business. Now coming to URLs, one thing that holds our attention concerning them is their lengthiness. Typing lengthy URLs is a tedious job. How about trimmed URLs? It sounds good. Let us know how they prove advantageous for any business.

Advantages of Trimmed URLs

  • Easy to share on any social media platforms
  • Helps to track the user location and interests
  • Enhances web experience
  • Apt for smartphones and mobile devices

While exploring the various trimming softwares, one needs to look for options to give the best results. ONPASSIVE OTRIM is a tool built for shortening URLs. Customizing the shorter URL, Email authentication, automatic scanning of URLs, blocking phishing URLs are some advantages of the tool.

Security is vital to building customer’s trust. Supporting this, each link generated comes with a QR code. Also, the tool is ad-free, supports multi-linguistic features and much above, the generated shortened links do not have any expiration date.

Businesses aiming to gain performance can choose OTRIM as the best tool. It serves Digital Marketing needs such as promoting a business brand image, amplifying click through rates and supporting faster redirection.

Analyzing any system helps to know the pros and cons of it. Consequently, one can work to build innovative systems enhancing the work output. For example, OTRIM can use URL performance metrics and generate results.


Businesses in the current age are rapid in accomplishing various marketing strategies. Social media usage is comprehensive. Posting done on the platform reach audience globally. For compelling social media posts, short URLs are the best.

Easy to use and manage systems accelerates business activities. Systems that can support customers prove to be the best. OTRIM gives premium customer support. Get to know the influence of OTRIM in your business by adopting its best practices