Artificial Intelligence

With the rise in social media endorsements, Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the marketing plan. Brands are collaborating with social media Influencers to reach specific audience on a large scale.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Influencer marketing system of brands has enhanced its efficacy to simplify heavy tasks, which was once laborious and time-consuming. Here, we look into how AI is contributing to make Influencer marketing more powerful.

Selecting the Right Influencer

The first and foremost concern regarding Influencer Marketing is the selection of the right Influencer for your brand. An influencer’s potential to promote your brand cannot be assessed solely on the basis of the number of followers that the person has on different social media platforms.

It also depends upon the factor like the reach and engagement level of the followers on their posts. It is also essential to analyze if the Influencer’s online persona resonates with your brand’s image.

Influencer Marketing system powered by AI analyzes multiple Influencer’s profiles on various social media platforms. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a brand can easily evaluate each and every content they post on these platforms.

Their engagement level, reach, and their influence over different language speakers are also analyzed with the help of an Artificial Intelligence-powered system.

Overall, it will help you determine the right Influencer whose persona resonates with your brand objectives, and you can collaborate and promote your brand among their mass followers, helping to achieve your goal.

Image Recognition

Image Recognition leverages computer vision technology with AI to identify objects, places, people and even action in an image or sequence of images. Computer Vision leverages image processing algorithm to analyze hundreds of millions of online images and videos.

With predetermined characteristics, it identifies those images and videos that include brand logo, a specific product, people in the image and even facial expressions. This way, marketers can easily identify and understand how and when social media influencers and their audiences post and share images related to their brand.

For example, imagine you own a product-based business, and the social influencers of your brand posted an image of your product which was shared millions of times by their followers and other audiences. All these shared posts can be tracked and identified with the help of image recognition.

Eliminating Fake Followers and Engagements

Buying fake followers and engagements has become a common practice to make someone or something look influential on social media platforms. This has led to a gradual increase in fake influencers on social media. These fake influencers appear as real influencers posting high-quality contents.

The huge followers and engagements they have, comprise of fake accounts and social media bots. This way, they give audience the impression that they are popular online, but it’s all facade.

Artificial Intelligence empowers influencer marketing system to filter out fake engagements and determine real engagement metrics like number of followers gained by an influencer and likes, comments, and shares received per post. AI also eliminates social media bots and distinguishes real influencers from computer-generated influencers.

Lil Miquela is an example of computer-generated Instagram influencer who gained millions of followers within two years.

Analyzing Influencer’s Influence

It is crucial for any enterprise to analyze its marketing campaigns. This will give an insight into the strengths and areas that lacked performance, allowing the marketers to achieve better results in the future. The same applies to the Influencer marketing campaign as well.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Influencer marketing system can learn and evaluate the Influencer’s performance over a particular period, allowing a brand to determine the right time to get the maximum engagement from the audience. This will help the marketers to schedule their campaigns accordingly to achieve optimum results.

Identifying the Right Content

Like selecting the right Influencer, it is equally important to choose the right content in influencer marketing. With a plethora of images and video content circulating online, it is impossible to track and analyze every content manually.

With the help of Artificial Neural Network, AI influencer marketing system can analyze these online contents within few seconds and identify contents related to their brand. 

Leveraging NLP, sentiment analysis can be done to understand the emotion behind the comments and find out which post is received well by the audience. This allows marketers to identify the type of content that can best resonate with the Influencer’s audiences, helping them to create the most engaging content.


Right from the selection of Social Influencers to the elimination of fake followers and engagements, Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly transforming Influencer marketing.

AI’s ability to simplify the tedious task of analyzing millions of online images with great accuracy and speed has led to its incorporation in various brand’s Influencer marketing system. And it is expected that future advancements in Artificial Intelligence will open up vast possibilities in Influencer Marketing.