AI in marketing

Have you heard the name Jarvis? The AI bot created by Iron man in the sci-fi movie franchise called The Avengers. You might picture something like this when you hear someone saying artificial intelligence. But no, AI is not always a robot or a machine that you see in the movies, it is more of a complex program in a simple system that needs human intelligence. Artificial intelligence in marketing has been the most trending chatter these days.

AI in Digital Marketing

In this digital era, AI can optimize and ease marketing campaigns. It will also help in reducing the risk of human error. Although much of the digital marketing world is highly dependent on human brilliance, an AI program can build a report using only data.

Let us see more about how AI is helping in digital marketing:

Content Optimization and Generation

At, present, content marketing has skyrocketed into a global industry. It is widely being used that some refer to it as the only type of effective marketing. AI has the power to both optimize and generate content and place it in the right place for the right audience to see. This tech is already making progress in automating content generation on a basic level. It will eventually generate viable topics for writers and help in developing initial drafts of content based on the requirements.

AI-Powered Digital Advertising

Today’s digital advertising strategies would be very difficult without the help of AI since it helps in handling one or more platforms at a time. Consumers and business to business (B2B) buyers are flooded every day with advertisements. Most of them are irrelevant, so they simply decline the ad or move on with their work. When this happens, advertisers lose money. With AI, you can personalize the content and give your customers what they are really interested in watching.


Chatbots are a game-changer in marketing businesses. They are already on a number of websites, as they excel at handling the queries of the customers. The key benefit of Chatbots is the way it impacts customer experience. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing helps in building up answers for frequently asked questions. This will help in reducing the time and efforts of humans. Chatbots will also allow customers to help themselves. It leads the customers to a solution step by step so that they can understand it clearly.

Behaviour and Predictive Analysis

Many companies are hiring professionals like data scientists and programmers to help them in their marketing campaigns. With the help of machine learning and big data analysis, AI in digital marketing can provide businesses with deep insights into their customers. Not only will businesses be able to build personalized interactions, but they’ll also be able to predict future customer behaviours based on the data collected. Several businesses are going spending plenty of money on AI technology. The more we implement and experiment with AI on the marketing strategies the more we learn how helpful it will be in digital marketing.