As a business owner, your priority will be to enhance your organization’s productivity and achieve success in the market. But what is the best way to achieve this?

We know that customers are the backbone of any organization. Increasing your customer satisfaction level will build your customer’s trust, resulting in an increase in productivity. However, it is not an easy task to build customers’ trust. It takes a lot of effort, time and customer engagement to reach there. Marketing is an effective tool to engage customers, understand them and build a relationship of trust. But do you think that the conventional way of marketing will help you achieve this goal on time?

Artificial Intelligence marketing, or AI marketing, is the best approach to understand your customer in real-time. Its ability to gather and analyze huge customer data helps organizations learn customer behavioral patterns, desires, and interests. This will help any enterprise to come up with the best marketing strategy and allow them to build a bridge that will bring the customer and the business onto a single platform. Let us understand how the adoption of Artificial Intelligence will benefit marketing. 

Quality Lead Generation

If you are a part of the marketing team in an enterprise, you would understand how important and challenging is lead generation. Traditionally, gathering quality lead consumed a large amount of time to gather data, analyze and organize them to target potential customers. However, with the benefit of incorporating Artificial Intelligence solutions, marketers can analyze customer data within seconds and generate quality lead without unnecessary time consumption and effort. Quality lead generation will help the marketing team to target potential customers. 


With the advancement in technologies, customers are also becoming smarter in their preferences and in the choice of products and brands. Since consumer behavior varies with the varying customer, marketers cannot use the conventional way of communicating with general messages to every customer. 

Hyper personalization is the key to overcome this problem. AI marketing solution will help you to understand each customer, their desire and interests, allowing you to act according to their needs. It will enable the brand and the marketing team to develop customized emails, ads, text messages and pop-up messages based on customers’ interests, which might increase the possibility of favourable potential customer responses. 

Improving AI Chatbots

One of the biggest challenges before the marketing team is to retain their customers. Customer retention is only possible when customer experience and satisfaction level is improved. 

For example, imagine a customer who contacts the brand regarding any query or issue and does not receive a quick response or quicker resolution from the customer service. This will definitely result in a bad customer experience where brands will lose customers. No company will be willing to lose its customers. 

AI chatbots are the best marketing solution to retain customers. AI chatbots are capable of human-like interactions and provide real-time responses to the customers. And their 24/7 availability will increase the user response rate and improve customer experience. 

Understanding Market Intelligence

Marketing campaigns play a significant role in image building and promotion of brands. Before developing any marketing campaign, the marketing team must have deep knowledge of the market and fast-changing market trends. Keeping yourself updated with market penetrations, the opportunities, its segmentation and metrics will help you design a better marketing campaign. In this regard, AI empowers the team to track and monitor market intelligence (without human intervention) and extract valuable information from it, helping the organization to plan an effective marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing

With the rapid increase in social media usage, it has become a valuable platform for brands to reach a specific mass audience. Due to this, Influencer marketing has become an integral and important part of the marketing plan. 

Influencer marketing is not about selecting any random social media influencer with mass followers and promote the brand. In Influencer marketing, several assessments must be done by the marketing team before the selection of the influencer and the content. The marketing team has to analyze if the influencer’s persona resonates with the brand’s image, evaluate all the content they post, and determine the authenticity of the engagements and followers. Manual analysis of these actions is tedious, time-consuming and almost impossible. 

The incorporation of AI will make the task easier for marketers. Artificial Intelligence leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) can analyze multiple influencer profile and evaluate their posts, engagements and reach. AI can recognize fake followers and engagements. It helps the marketing team to develop the most engaging content along with the selection of right influencers to promote the brand.

Highly Engaging Content Creation

Markets have become highly competitive due to advanced technologies, and organizations are finding ways to gain a competitive advantage to top the race. To achieve this, it has become crucial for the marketing team to create high quality and highly engaging content. Prior to content creation, it is essential to learn the customer behavior, market trends and competitor strategies and identify contents with high engagements. However, manual tracking and analysis of massive volume of online contents is an almost impossible task for marketers.

With the assistance of NLP and Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Artificial Intelligence can track and analyze plenty of online contents and easily identify those with high engagements and well accepted by the audience. This will guide the marketing team to plan and develop highly engaging, personalized contents with high quality. 

It is a well-known fact that Artificial Intelligence has become a must-have technology in every sector worldwide. Its seamless growth and capability to create endless opportunities are helping marketing teams of various global enterprises to replace the tedious conventional marketing strategies with AI marketing solutions and tools. Easier lead generation, 24/7 customer care service without human intervention, highly optimized and engaging content, hyper-personalization are among few AI marketing solutions that Artificial Intelligence is capable of delivering. And it is expected that AI will create more possibilities in marketing in the upcoming years.