How Artificial Intelligence is Simplifying Blogging Efforts

In this digital era where brands are concentrating more on video and social media marketing, it is a question in everyone’s mind if blogging is still important for digital success? The answer is a ‘YES!’. Blogs help your brand to stand out from the rest by establishing a brand voice. It is a great way to connect with your customers and make them understand about the industry. Regular and consistent delivery of high-quality content drives high traffic and maximizes the trust of the audience.

But how to choose the apt topic? How to ensure the consistency and quality of content?

The solution is Artificial Intelligence. Involving AI solutions and tools in blogging makes the job easier for the human writers by simplifying the blogging efforts. In this article, we will try to understand how Artificial Intelligence can help improve and streamline blogging.

Generating the Best Ideas or Topic for the Blog

Before you start writing an article for your blog you must have a topic in mind. And this topic must not be any random topic if your ultimate goal is to produce large traffic to your blog. Either you must select a topic that is well received by the audience or come up with a new topic that can attract massive readers.

Blogging with Artificial Intelligence has made things easier for the bloggers around the world. AI solutions and tools analyze huge online data from millions of sources, organize them and determine the valuable findings to provide an insight into the best ideas or topics to blog about. 

Artificial Intelligence can also track and monitor your competitor’s websites, blogs and social media platforms in real-time and identify the topics and contents that have received high engagements (likes, comments and shares) and well accepted by the readers. This can assist you develop a better strategy and choose the best topic that is most likely to gain attention.

Crayon, BrightEdge, Hubspot, MarketMuse are some of the best writing tools in the market that leverage AI technology to analyze online contents and track competitive Intelligence report and helps you generate blog topic or ideas.

Automated Error Identification and Suggestions

“To Err is Human”. Making mistakes is a common human tendency. While writing articles, we are expected to make a lot of errors which might include grammatical mistakes, irregular sentences, discontinuity between sentences, and usage of inappropriate words and so on. If you don’t give attention to these errors, it might result in a bad impression of your blog. Meanwhile rewriting or editing the article may consume more time than producing a completely new content.

Blogging with Artificial Intelligence helps you to reduce the burden of editing the article and improve the quality of blogging.

AI-powered writing tools leverage machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing techniques which automatically identify the grammatical errors and suggest ways to correct those errors. It also provides detailed information to the user about the reason of error, improving user knowledge and lightening the load of rewriting or editing.

Grammarly is one of the best writing tools powered by advanced AI system that combines ML, Deep Learning and NLP approaches to analyze grammatical errors and help you improve your writing with appropriate suggestions.

Improving the Quality of the Content

The quality of the content is what gains you traffic to your blog. High-quality contents earn more engagements and attract huge number of audience. But how would you ensure the quality of your content?

Artificial Intelligence is the best answer to this. AI in writing enables the bloggers to improve the quality of the produced content by providing better guidance. This is possible with machine learning (ML) and deep linguistic analysis. AI tools with linguistic analysis read and analyze content and assist you develop it into a high quality one. Thereby, it allows you to remain consistent in providing quality contents in your blog. Acrolinx is a tool that leverages AI technology which helps to improve the quality of the content.

Automatically Transforming Data into Written Narratives

Blogging with Artificial Intelligence can significantly shorten the writing process of a writer. It may not be possible for AI tools to write a whole article from the introduction to the conclusion; however it can write a small portion of your article with the availability of right data. You want to know how? AI technology leverages Natural Language Generation (NLG) to write stories using data.

NLG is a process that automatically transforms data into written narrative”.

With the availability of the right data, as a blogger you can utilize NLG based AI tools in writing and to generate a portion of content for your blog. These generated contents can be modified and polished with human editors.


Blogging is an important way of reaching out to your audience or customers with less hindrance. Blogging with Artificial Intelligence quickens this process by generating appropriate topic or idea for the blog. AI in writing identifies the errors and provides suggestions, and also automatically improves the quality of your content. And with seamless growth in AI, we can expect AI tools to write a whole article in coming years.