How Automated Cloud Software Helps in Accounting

Business accounting is increasingly changing, thanks to the efficiency enhancements made by newer technologies. Today’s method of accounting is no longer enslaved by task-oriented ventures. Rather, accounting software systems are becoming more streamlined, and the accountant’s position is shifting to that of a financial adviser. 

Major transformations of the accounting industry are via artificial intelligence, automated cloud accounting software, and robotic technology. So first let’s understand what is cloud accounting?

What is Cloud Accounting?

Accounting used to be done on a computer’s hard drive using software that was installed locally. However, Cloud accounting is performed using software that is remotely hosted on the cloud – that is, online. 

IT teams and developers can use cloud automation to build, change, and delete cloud services. One of the most attractive aspects of cloud computing is the ability to access resources as needed when necessary. Employees in many departments, remote offices, and branch offices can all access the same data and version of the programme using cloud accounting solutions.

In addition, cloud accounting needs less maintenance than conventional accounting. Further, backups are completed by the cloud provider, updates are automatic, and no software needs to be installed on company’s computers.

Robotic in Accounts

Robotic accounting is a part of AI and robotic process automation (RPA). It assists a mobilized finance department. Also, Robotic entries are being used to reduce the need for human work in manual accounting procedures. It is often misunderstood as a human substitute, but this is far from the case.

RPA has been seen as a robotic arm that can support accounting departments and improve operations. Employees’ duties get elevated, and jobs are more stimulated.

Also, Robotic accounting is often misunderstood as a human substitute, but this is far from the case. Instead, it is set of “accounting bots” that automates the process of combining data from various accounting systems.

AI in Accounting

Artificial intelligence is having a huge influence on the accounting and finance sector, as it does in any other industry. AI-enabled finance and accounting solutions can help financial analysts and their companies remain competitive and retain the next generation of staff and consumers by saving time and resources and offering insights. 

Using these technologies several Automated cloud accounting software are being used by companies for simplifying the tedious work of accounting.

Top Automated Cloud Accounting Softwares

When you start a company, accounting software is one of the first enterprise applications you need. You can generate facts, log income and payments, track past receivables and update on your financial strength and other areas of your business using the best accounting tools. See the list below to help you find the best software for your company.

  • Tally.ERP 9
  • ZOHO Books
  • EzyRokad
  • HDPOS Smart Accounts and Billing
  • Saral Accounts
  • Vyapar – Accounting & Invoicing
  • MARG ERP 9+ Accounting Software
  • MProfit for Accounting
  • ProfitBooks
  • Busy Accounting Software

If you are a new startup or an established business searching for software that simplifies accounting, O-Counting by ONPASSIVE is an idle product for you.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Shifting accounting from the laptop to the cloud has become a significant step forward in financial reporting, removing much of the disadvantages and costs associated with conventional accounting. The main places in which a cloud accounting system provides actual, observable value are listed below.

  • You can access your accounts from everywhere.
  • Connect to real-time data, as well as the software ecosystem
  • Bank feeds in real-time
  • Always use the latest software version
  • Secured Data exchange 
  • Safe online payment 

Accounting Solutions 

Small and big businesses both need accounting solutions. Professionals advise small companies on the correct investment and framework for their company to ensure financial security. As a result, knowing the right outsourcing accounting firms for your company is critical. There are a variety of accounting solutions available, including:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Tax accounting
  3. Chartered accounting
  4. Forensic accounting
  5. Financial controller services
  6. Accounting audit
  7. Bank reconciliation
  8. Account payable
  9. Account receivable
  10. Payroll processing


When looking for automated cloud accounting software, it is critical to find one that not only has all the capabilities and resources you need but also falls into the budget. Cloud accounting companies use less initial processing space to store records, and IT personnel is not needed to manage or upgrade the cloud accounting framework. Are you looking for online accounting software? Contact us for an AI-enabled tool to simplify accounts related tasks.