How can Chatbots Influence Website Ranking?

Businesses are continuously seeking means to execute marketing strategies, build customer relationship and retain them. Chatbots hold as an effective option to aid this.

Artificial intelligence has made things more innovative. Chatbot is a significant output of AI that enables human and system interaction. Driven by AI, the system is trained to understand user queries and give appropriate answers either as a text or audio speech and provide solutions through human intervention if necessary.

Chatbot for SEO

What could be the reference for any user willing to avail of a particular product or service? At a social level, we discuss with our friends and relatives to know what is the best; While, to know the technicalities of a product, the best source of information would be the website.

Chatbot has a significant role in determining the website ranking. Google consider various parameters for website ranking. User experience holds prominence for this. Factors such as the page load speed retained and engaged time, and satisfactory levels contribute to it.

The amount of time a user spends on a website determines the effectiveness of any website. Chatbots have become an integral part of the website, with the user showing interest to communicate with them. Any queries and concerns can be communicated with the Chatbot. If the user spends a sufficient amount of time with the Chatbot, it proves that his/her expectations are met while also ensusring improvement of the website’s ranking.

Features of Chatbot

Chatbot software has to aid the below features to prove itself to be efficient.

Understand user intent: The one that best understands and responds to the user queries based on the user’s emotional state can be considered as an efficient Chatbot. Don’t you think a user would be satisfied to get answers based on his/her emotional state? Of course, yes. Though two different users pose the same question, the Chatbot’s responses are based on the user intent.

Respond appropriately: If the Chatbot can give appropriate answers, it can undoubtedly be regarded as working fine. If not, there is a need to correct it. Who would best suggest the AI chatbot the way it is responding to the queries? It is none other than the user. So, regarding the user suggestions helps to know the loopholes and correct and improve the responses. The next time the user visits the page and finds those corrections, it is likely to impact the user positively.

Simple language: Responses should be in simple language. Using complex technical term might leave the user puzzled and cause to leave the Chatbot without completing the conversation. Chatbot ability to retain the user lies in giving appropriate answers in simple terms.

Chatbot software advantages

Instant responses: Each one of us would like to resolve issues quickly and focus on other essentials. What holds as the source of reference for any new user puzzled with concerns or issues. FAQ’s serve the purpose. However, in case of any other queries out of the listed FAQ? Don’t you think a live chat enabling you to pose all your questions and finding satisfactory answers will be helpful and encouraging? Of course, yes.

24X7 Service: One might be hesitant to speak or ask questions at odd hours. However, with Chatbots, it is not the case. One can be free enough to chat with it any time and get answered.

Aids promotion: Chatbot serves as a source of information for new visitors by updating them about the upcoming seminars, business meets, exhibitions, webinars, the launch of any new product., etc. Thus, user can gain knowledge about the businesses.


With such advantages and knowing how it can influence business in executing promotion, gaining the website ranking, building customers, choosing it as part of our work strategy, would surely flourish businesses. O-Chat, an AI-driven tool of ONPASSIVE, imbibes the best in features and advantages to give the best AI chatbot experience.

O-Chat is designed to understand the intent of the user query and provides quick and immediate responses. If it cannot understand the intent, it can immediately navigate the issues to the humans to respond, not leaving the user puzzled by generating any inappropriate responses. With less human intervention, O-Chat provides cost-effective customer support.