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Indisputably, content still reigns as the king in digital marketing. Yet, many businesses still struggle to implement effective content marketing strategies. It is because content marketing strategies aimed at B2C companies do not always work for B2B companies. As such, creating a solid B2B content strategy for lead generations often becomes difficult for B2B organizations.

Are you letting the predicaments of being a B2B firm hold you back from creating a robust content marketing strategy? Well, don’t ignore content in today’s digital era. Alternatively, focus on things that can help you produce content that keeps people scrolling. Keep reading this article to discover the top secrets to succeed in B2B content marketing.

Ways to Boost Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts in 2020

Do you know what’s considered a compelling content in B2B? What are the changes that B2B marketers should make in their content marketing strategies? By thoroughly considering today’s market and taking advice from successful B2B business leaders, we have shared some tips to boost your B2B content marketing strategies.

#1: Address Buyer’s Pain

By conducting surveys, we uncovered that more than half of B2B organizations do not satisfactorily address their target audiences’ pain points. While some others do not use compelling content to make their customers feel that their pain points are adequately treated. 

In a B2C business, consumers are provided a chance to return any products or raise a ticket for refund, if the product did not meet their expectations. However, B2B businesses entirely work differently from this business model. Given how expensive these investments can cost, B2B customers have to work with from ten to twenty decision-makers and stakeholders. If they make a wrong buying decision, it could cost B2B buyers their professional reputation and credibility. By understanding your B2B buyers’ pain points, you can act as their strategic partner and advisor and engage them with your content. When generating a solid B2B content strategy, consider how you can express the pain and loss your B2B offering can help alleviate, to make your content more powerful and compelling.

#2: Deliver qualified leads with in-depth content

Various B2B businesses use content marketing only at the top of the funnel. At this step, content is focused on building brand awareness and distributing general industry news. That is a big mistake. Utilizing a top-of-the-funnel-only approach can make it challenging to track your contents’ progress, and sorely restricts the potential of genuinely useful content.

Use content marketing to concentrate on qualifying leads. Your sales team can then center more of their energy on prospects that are further down your funnel. For instance, a blog post, generally, is going to be top-of-the-funnel content. It helps address topics relevant to your audience. Still, it doesn’t symbolize your customers’ high level of interest with your company.

#3: Create detailed case studies

Case studies are one of the B2B content forms that can help businesses showcase how their products or services have helped other companies. While creating a case study, you can include a Q&A and a short video. Besides, please focus on the predicament the business faced, which gives other customers an idea of what your products or services can do for them.

To create more compelling B2B case studies, try to discuss specific customer pain points, and employ a data-driven approach. For instance, it is much easier to convince an official to buy new software or tools using a data-driven approach.

#4: Come up with creative content

Nearly half of the total B2B marketers say that video content offers the highest ROI. According to the market study, marketers who produce video content make an average of 66 percent more leads per year. Consequently, video and webinar content mean a higher level of interest. Besides, it requires a longer time commitment. So, it is easier to track how much of a video audiences watch. Content marketers can leverage a CRM (customer relationship management) system to follow up with prospects that finish a video, or further qualify leads.

#5: Deliver the right content at the right time

Do you believe creating the best quality content can drive conversions? We say, indeed, not. Maybe you have created the right content, but there are chances that you aren’t producing the right content based on where your audience is in the funnel.

Think about this scenario, when you meet a new person; you don’t immediately treat them like your best friend. Instead, you take some time to get to know the person. The same theory applies to content marketing. Therefore, create a separate content marketing strategy with distinct goals for different types of content.

Final Note

Whatever your B2B content strategy is, make sure to address your audiences’ challenges first and uncover new tactics as you go. If you are aware of any other content marketing best practices for B2B businesses, please let us know in the comment section below.