How can Tracking Links Serve Businesses

Let us assume in your daily business activities that there is a gradual increase in user traffic. It is a good sign indicating business growth. However, website traffic might sometimes come down. For either of the results, the role of marketing strategies holds prominent. Understanding their success and failure rate would not be possible without tracking links.

Tracking links helps to analyze traffic, user engagement and clicks, location and any marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

What is a TrackingLink?

Tracking links create a unique URL to analyze user activities for that particular URL. Significantly, they serve business while using external means such as emails and social media platforms to redirect users to a landing page or any website.

Benefits of Tracking Links

For instance, let us consider that a business launched a new product or a service or has posted any new content or updated any existing page on the website. How come the user came to know about it, or what source did the user choose to reach the website? It could be either a social media platform, digital ads, Google search page or emails. Knowing what paved to the landing page, one can try to execute them more effectively. At the same time, it helps analyze why specific marketing techniques have failed to generate fruitful results.

Tracking links also helps to calculate Return on Investment (ROI). Suppose a business has invested in ad campaigns and various social media platforms to promote sales growth. It is important to analyze user count redirection to the websites through these channels as a further step. If the ad campaigns’ success rate is high, it is fine, and it is likely to have future investments in it. Otherwise, one needs to analyze where things have lacked and how they can be improved.

Some of its additional benefits include:

  1. Know Email marketing click-through rates
  2. How ads contribute to revenue generation
  3. How effectively are the social media platforms generating user traffic
  4. How well is the user traffic generated to a website through various media channels

Tools for Tracking Links

Tracking the marketing activities, analyzing them and taking the required measures is not a simple task. How about tools that can aid tracking links. It sounds good. ONPASSIVE ‘s OTRACKER can best serve the business to understand customer bases, target the right people and experience the results you have never gone through.

The marketing game is now transformed with O- Tracker. The tool no doubt amplifies the customers reach through its key features. O- Tracker can track the IP address and identify the physical location. As part of a marketing strategy, one needs to consider various factors to determine its effectiveness. This includes the visitor count for any website. At the same time, not all click-through rates can be considered genuine. So, the tool enables to identify of fraudsters. Thus, ensuring security and privacy.

OTRACKER is an AI-enabled tool to develop a database of reports based on Artificial intelligence. Such analysis of any website helps gain easy understanding.


Any efforts put to enhance marketing prove successful by adopting the right means. Of course, we try doing it. However, it is not a one time job. One needs to analyze how things are working. As part of this, if one could know the various factors contributing to it, one can grow a step ahead in the future. This is what the so-called tracking links do for you. Also, tracking tools make your job easy. Making them a part of your workflow ensures analyzing the sources contributing to increased web traffic.