How Cloud Computing Accelerates Technological Advancement?

Change is the way of life. Every business has to go with the latest trend and technologies to keep up the pace of progress and survive the competition. Cloud computing has the technological edge that any business adopting it will derive quick and profitable results.

Companies can be rated based on the customers’ views and feedback. An organization implementing cloud computing technology have a greater scope to generate innovative solutions for a refined customer experience. The methodologies implemented lie distinct from the competitor’s process.

Before going into the details, let us know a brief introduction to cloud computing:

Cloud computing is mainly associated with storing, managing, processing, and securing data through a network of servers. The advantage of cloud-based services is that the data is not limited to a specific location. However, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, enabling businesses to enhance the workflow, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase ROI, and enrich customer experience.

Cloud computing can be generally classified into three different kinds based on the type of  service:

  1. Software As A Service (SaaS):

The significant feature of this service is that applications are available on the cloud through some cloud service providers such as  Google, Microsoft, Hubspot etc., with some subscription fees defined for it.

  • Infrastructure as  a service (IaaS):

Using this service, on-premise infrastructure replaces the cloud-based substitutes to reduce the investment in on-site resources that are too costly. The significant offers include virtualization and networking.

  • Platform as a Service(PaaS): In this service, both the software and the hardware tools related to the network components, security, storage or servers are offered by third-party vendors. And, these tools help the end-users to develop applications.

Over the years, cloud computing has been developing. Though its progress started with SaaS applications, its pace and refinement have grown with IaaS and PaaS services.

Let us see the overall impact of cloud computing on technological advancement and  helps  businesses perform quick operations :

Quick procurement :

The age-old process includes procuring hardware and software procurement for a lifetime. However, cloud computing shows a different path to develop solutions experimented and driven by various technologies, and further assess if the solutions provided truly work out.

Consider any of the technologies, including artificial intelligence, accounting system. One can leverage these to the best with optimal costs and conclude what works and what do not.

Digital transformation :

What are the recent and innovative technologies one is talking about? The current time talks about, Artificial Intelligence, Big data analytics, Machine learning and the Internet of things (IoT). These are the technologies that are driving the business operations seamless. These technologies must be definitely sought by any business for enhanced customer experience.

The technologies we have talked about require greater storage space and high computing power. Cloud technologies role is prominent for integrating these technologies. Machine learning acts as a base for cloud technologies in automating the process.


Technologies have grown with cloud-based technologies. Cloud computing has enabled users to give their opinion and feedback at a faster pace. At the same time, the cloud computing responses have turned more agile. Thus, resolving actions quickly builds the outcome with the extra and added features. Also, to pace the technological development, most features are readily available.

Conclusion :

Cloud computing offers secured operations to support the workforce effectively. Most importantly, its role is vital for the current trending technologies to cope with the existing competition and prove its

mark. The future of cloud computing is secured, and more outstanding results are to be derived out of it.

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