Every business activity has a set of goals. Most of the time, the goals are set around achieving sales targets to support organizational objectives. But setting a sales target is a challenge in its own way. Without clear goal definition, you might keep rambling along, wasting time and missing targets.

It requires focus and re-evaluation of the sales process, training techniques, and motivational factors of the team.

Below are the reasons that could indicate why sales targets are missed:

  1. Lack of SMART goals set for sales representatives to hit targets
  2. Discouraged sales team due to the frequent increase in sales target
  3. Lack of collaboration between the executives and representatives
  4. Poor content placement for lead generation activities
  5. A disconnect between sales and advertising team
  6. Missing follow-up activities with prospects
  7. Metric tracking and analytics not good enough
  8. Measurement of engagements received at each sales funnel
  9. Lengthy sales cycle and longer waiting time

How could ONPASSIVE AI help in setting sales targets efficiently?

Setting accurate yet challenging sales targets is a delicate balance between business goals, past performance of the business, and the current performance of individual sales representatives.

ONPASSIVE is a futuristic tech-driven company that builds an AI-embedded sales tool that not only shortens the lengthy sales cycle but also keeps a constant check on each sales activity.

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Below are the functions of ONPASSIVE AI-based sales tool:

1. Analyzes Current Status:

The AI-driven tool, once installed into the sales process, it scans through the past and current actions taken in the sales cycle. It takes into consideration the following activities: target customers, products and services, lead generation, sales pipeline, tools, etc.

Based on the data collated, it establishes a connection between data of different departments to measure the effectiveness of actions taken so far. Then it highlights what worked and what didn’t.

2. Contribution in Lead Generation Process:

Not only the sales process but ONPASSIVE has designed tools for the effective lead generation process as well. It identifies the right audience, channel, and platform through which personalized content could be based on the customer buying stage. When the content delivery works at its best, then it also ensures high ROI and a higher conversion rate.

3. Synchronized Sales and Advertisement teams:

As explained above, ONPASSIVE’s easy to install smart tools automate as well as synchronize different departments for a consistent effort towards meeting sales objectives. When relevant ads are delivered to the right prospects, it provokes them to take desired actions, such as lead form sign-ups. After receiving leads, it’s the responsibility of the sales department to initiate the sales process for converting the prospects into customers.

4. Measurement of Sales Activities:

ONPASSIVE Sales tool’s dashboard allows you to keep track of the progress of the undertaken activities. You could extract the metrics and analyze the data to set new targets if required. However, the AI does this task itself when it feels the set target will not be achieved at the current rate.

5. Target Assignment:

Once the target has been set, it’s time to allocate target to each sales representative. No manual interference required. Sales managers need to feed sales rep names into the system, and AI identifies whom to assign how much based on their past and current performance.

So these are the five ways ONPASSIVE AI could help you set a sales target for your business. It learns the pattern, identifies the requirement, and sets the higher yet achievable targets for the sales representatives. Synchronized teams keep the motivation flowing, and achievable targets do not discourage sales team members. It’s a win-win game when ONPASSIVE AI is in place.

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