Artificial intelligence solutions

In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing business climate, digital transformation is one of the most important drives for organizations to continue to provide value to their consumers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been highlighted as a critical enabler of digital transformation business across various sectors.

The transformation process aims to use digital technology to develop or alter consumer experiences, culture, and business processes, to suit changing customer requirements and market conditions. Artificial intelligence solutions come into play in this situation. It has the potential to make businesses more innovative, flexible, and adaptive than they have ever been.

AI is one of the most critical digital transformation business drivers because it offers speed, simplicity, and cost savings while simplifying complex processes and systems. Whereas many people consider it a future technology, it is here and now, and many organizations are implementing it to enhance their operations.

So, let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence, as one of the most potent facilitators of what we term Digital Transformation, may benefit your company. But, first and foremost, what is Digital Transformation?

Defining The Digital Transformation 

In contrast, digital transformation is more than simply a new department within a company; it is a game-changer regarding technology’s position in the workplace. Digital transformation is a collection of procedures, techniques, and technologies used by modern businesses to improve their operations, such as delivering differentiated service, boosting performance, and expanding their reach while putting workers and customers first. 

But, more than a notion, the digital transformation business has evolved into a movement that draws businesses looking to improve their operations, innovate, and gain a competitive advantage through technology. In the transformation framework, technology is not an aim in itself but a collection of instruments that must be used to support its business plan.

And nowadays, regardless of the industry in which your company operates, it is pretty likely that your company uses technology to offer products or services.

AI And Data

Any digital company transformation must focus on extracting value from data. If adequately treated, the massive volume of data coming from various sources and formats, such as structured (ERP, Database, etc.) and unstructured (social media) data, can help your business better understand the desires of your customers, the market in which they operate, and your competitors, providing insights for more intelligent and agile making decisions.

The utilization of data is a critical component of a company’s digital transformation strategy. It is critical to have a plan in place to leverage them as a competitive advantage. To overcome the competition, for example, more advanced analysis based on certified data might be used. The only way to be productive on a large scale and provide insights to the business is to develop an efficient and complete Data Literacy.

Establishing procedures and resources capable of linking, organizing, and evaluating this data is required. Companies recognize the advantages of investing in cutting-edge technology and procedures that enable them to analyze data more efficiently and rapidly, allowing them to enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

Artificial Intelligence And The Digital Transformation

The digital revolution moved another step forward when AI and Ml became part of many companies’ business plans, allowing them to integrate multiple systems and automate various daily operations. These technologies are crucial in the digital transformation business because they allow better use of the data acquired by your organization in a variety of ways and result in quicker and more efficient operations and, consequently, higher production.

It’s essential to make sense of data in a world where 90 percent of all data produced in history was created in the previous two years. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence solutions allow us to use all of this data to help the company grow, whether by improving current products and services or pursuing new creative ideas. Without a doubt, the most significant effect is the learning that robots offer to humans, resulting in a far more excellent knowledge of our current situation.

AI and Ml are two of the most influential digital transformation protagonists and the basis for today’s most convincing digital technologies. They are facilitators of increasingly creative and practical solutions that directly influence the market speed, competitiveness, customer experience, and expectations.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Create Value Via Digitization?

Emerging technologies, notably Artificial Intelligence, are gradually invading the daily lives of companies worldwide, just like the internet changed the way the world did business in the past. Which technologies will be required and prioritized if all small and medium-sized enterprises are digitally transformed?

Businesses may use artificial intelligence solutions in a range of areas. The following examples can assist IT executives in better understanding the potential to provide SME services. Digital transformation must be used to add value to a product, with artificial intelligence identifying information to assist the professionals involved in various processing stages, such as design, execution, and delivery.

With everything digitized, you can start looking at the phases of the project that need to be tweaked; for example, in the design phase, AI improves research, development, and forecasting.

The critical point where AI and Machine Learning can assist in the execution phase is continuous maintenance. These are real-time responses to the topic under investigation.


For the digital transformation, artificial intelligence solutions are just what electricity once was to humanity. Its revolutionary power is so great that we’re nearing a moment in the economy where digital products will become much more intelligent, offering recommendations, giving options, and aiding customers with decision-making. 

Handling all of these changes and dealing with such a significant shift in the organizational structure is the most challenging assignment for us. It is essential to invest in and develop skills to adapt to new models and trends to produce favorable results.

So, if you wish to use AI in your business, get in touch with the ONPASSIVE team.