Modern Revenue Marketing: Amplify with data analytics

Humans interaction with technologies has created the so-called big data. Storing, analyzing processing such data is a very tedious task. What should be sought to ease the process? Data analytics lies as an immediate answer.

Undoubtedly data analytics role is important to create modern revenue marketing. Data analytics refer to systematic data analysis and a basis for successful business strategy.

Prominent ways data analytics can create a modern revenue marketing

  1. Turn decisions effective :

 Revenue marketing refers to the campaigns relating to sales. Moreover, such marketing enables continuous engagement with leads and helps attain specific goals.

Data analytics role is vital for budget planning and to improve the client experience. Moreover, measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) turns quick and easy. Thereby, the decisions turn more quick, and even the results too. Otherwise, the traditional systems would find it more complex to measure them.

Some of the Key Performance Indicators include the following:

  • Lead generation rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Cost per Lead Acquisition
  • Organic traffic
  • Sales revenue
  • Digital transformation:

Marketing has turned digitalized, and thus we find that the products and services marketing is happening digitally to save a significant time. The role of data analytics cannot be neglected, for they provide automation methods and include the key aspects of data science. Consequently, business operations turn seamless and quick.

  • Customer experience :

Consumer experience is what drives the traffic and improve sales. Here below, we will find effective means to use data analytics to generate enhanced customer experience:

  • Know the leads position in the sales funnel
  • Helps boost effective engagement campaign to build healthy customer relationship
  • Compares customer feedback with the campaign results so that future campaigns will incorporate the required changes
  • Helps marketing teams to segment audience, generate buyer personas and know the qualified leads
  • Marketing content :

Data analytics serves the marketing team to develop interesting and effective content. Appropriate topics find a place during the customer’s journey. Whether it is B2B marketing or B2C marketing, some of the content marketing ideas include the following :

  • Content marketing
  •  Video marketing
  • Whitepapers
  • Quora Q& A
  • Webinars, trade shows and conferences
  • E-books, newsletters
  • Generating leads

Lead generation activities are more committed. Significantly, revenue marketing aspires to enhance lead generation to the maximum level with data analytics. Below stated are some instances of how data analytics can help clients to build more leads:

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media is flourishing. More number of people are interested in accessing to know any updates. Especially, businesses can optimize the platform to engage a greater number of people. Data analytics helps measure the campaign effectiveness and the ROI.

  • SEO Marketing: Businesses have to know what keywords works fine so that their information turns out on Google’s first page. Data analytics is vital to suggest the best keywords people type on the search page. Consequently, the websites or the content have to incorporate those keywords to attain top search results.
  • Press syndicate: Press syndicate refers to the agency that sells some artwork or extraordinary work to the newspapers. Data analytics proposes the best suggestions for creative content and enhancing a business brand.

Conclusion :

Data analytics is pivotal to know how the key essentials of sales and marketing strategies are met. Moreover, they create a digital transformation enabling marketing to turn more focused, quick, automated and focused.

ONPASSIVE’s AI is prominent for business growth. O-Desk, a customer management platform, helps experience customer’s journey better. Businesses aspiring to implement marketing ideas can gain the best advantage from O-Desk.

The AI CRM tool enables helps engage customers through various channels. Sentiment analysis of the tool helps in understanding conversation better. Also, data analytics helps understand customer behaviour better. Moreover, the deep analytics generated by the tool helps you make effective decisions.