How Do Webinars Create Lead Generation

Webinars are the online means of interaction. Their usage is more during recent times due to global pandemic. Seamless interaction generates expected results. So, adopting a system that incorporates the best features will generate leads.

Webinars for lead generation 

Quality products always gain user attention and build sales. In addition, adopting marketing strategies generates results by multi-fold. So, businesses need to develop marketing plans and implement them to derive the best results. 

Interaction with the customers or clients through video communication proves effective as it helps to interact visually and find prompt solutions to any queries. Moreover, the Q&A session can turn more creative, some innovative ideas may turn up, and one could get a chance to meet some influential people and their share opinion. Also, the webinars could pave the way to some practical demonstrations and gather customer feedback.

Thus, webinars for lead generation holds with such advantages. People would be interested in participating for its significance. However, the source promoting webinars must be effective and must consider the following supportive features:

⦁ Audio and video clarity: Software enabling the best audio and video features must be chosen. Some of the creative output is the result of good communication abilities. 

⦁ Customer Support: A live 24X7 customer support aids during any technical problem

⦁ Live demonstrations: Suppose a new product is being launched. Interested participants would be excited to know about its features and advantages. To meet it, webinars serve as the best means for practical demonstrations.
⦁ Multiple Screen Sharing: Visuals speak more than words. Screen sharing results from such an idea, by which the participants and the speaker can share the screen to explain functionality or gain clarity about certain concepts.

⦁ Effective chatbox: In webinars, the speaker cannot directly talk to a small audience. The only means of communication is through a chatbox. So, it is important to make it effective. AI-enabled chatbots are the best and efficient. Choosing software that supports this feature proves advantageous. 

⦁ File sharing: Systems supporting file-sharing would be a definite choice for users as it serves as a valuable source of information. 

⦁ Mobile compatibility: Mobiles are the most common usage of any user. So, a system incorporating features supporting webinars on the mobile platform is highly beneficial. 

How to make webinars for lead generation?

As webinars require registration, and emails can be captured to generate leads 
Webinars posters, including a company logo and appealing graphics, grab user attention. It could include either a comic strip, GIF or an animated image
⦁ Talk of your business products or service, choosing an apt time in tune with the conversation
⦁ Create compelling webinar titles
⦁ Select the best time and day for conducting webinars 
⦁ Choose an influential person as the speaker
⦁ Design your webinars based on your requirement. It could be to interview an influential person, promote business products and services or a panel discussion.


While it comes to choose a system that can support video conferencing and webinars, the one that supports the best features can prove influential. Supporting this, OCONNECT emerged as the effective video communication tool of ONPASSIVE. 

The tool supports HD audio and video. Also, a detailed dashboard helps assess the communication activities. Unlimited participation, dual-screen share, automated speech-to-text, chatting, external integration are its significant features. 


Webinars can generate leads. Planning is vital to accomplish successful results. As a part of this, technical and marketing aspects need to be considered before conducting webinars. 

And, of course, OCONNECT can render effective webinars and video conferences. Leveraging it fulfils webinar standards and aid to build leads.