Business Growth

“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected”, says author William Plomer. But what creativity has to do with businesses? Well, let us consider an example of Apple. What comes to your mind when thinking of the brand Apple? Starting from its logo to its facial recognition feature, you may find that it exhibits a unique identity with its kind of creativity. It is one of the most successful brands today and its creative outlook surely has a fine share in the success. It has even grabbed a significant position in the Boston Consulting Group’s list of “The Most Innovative Companies”. 

Director of the Master of Science in Innovation program, Tucker Marion has said that “Creativity is crucial in business because it is a differentiator”. Moreover, in the survey conducted by Forrester, about eighty-two per cent of executives have admitted that creativity has a great deal of shares in business’ success. Thus, we can’t afford to neglect the role of creativity in the success of any business. Let’s understand how creativity is beneficial to businesses. 

Significance of creativity in business

There is a general belief that business and creativity don’t occupy seats on the same train of conversation. Most businesses are associated with the money-making prospect while creativity is all about art and innovation. So in what ways would you integrate both? 

Creativity is an approach or a way of thinking that drives a person to come up with innovative solutions to resolve given challenges or problems. 

Creativity along with critical thinking can help businesses drive unique solutions and create brand impact. 

Creativity helps businesses acquire a competitive edge, enhance company culture, improve productivity, resolve the key issue and transform the world. 

Your fresh and unique approach helps you attract customers easily and thereby enable business growth. Following are the five ways that showcase how creativity can impart the business growth: 

1. Get ahead in the competition

While operating in a growing market, you might realize that there can be thousands of businesses that offer the same products or services as you offer. Then what factor can help you get ahead in the ever-growing competition? Your products should be appealing to your customers. You cannot expand your business by offering outdated, or stale ideas. 

By imparting creativity in your business, you can uniquely resolve problems, thereby engage a considerable number of customers. 

For that, you need to stretch your limits and discover what customers need even before they realize their own needs. Your innovative solutions should shape your customers’ requirements. Then only you can create an impact in the market and stay ahead of your competitors. 

2. Encourage people to think out of the box  

You as a business should enable a corporate culture that encourages your employees and staff to think out of the box and come with innovative ideas. 

However, it is necessary to understand that creativity is a skill that can be developed organically but can’t be imposed on anyone. 

Your job as a business is to create an environment that promotes creative and innovative thinking in the workplace. Such an environment will impart a non-traditional approach to resolve problems. 

Creativity sustains in an environment that is inclusive, safe, adaptive and encouraging. 

3. Improve productivity

Business creativity also helps you improve your productivity. You can expand your horizon by challenging your comfort zone and can also motivate your team members to do the same. 

Besides, business creativity makes your employees feel valued and appreciated. Approval of their ideas imbibe confidence in them and motivate them to push their limits. 

When you are allowed to be creative, you are bound to encounter mistakes. However, it becomes easier for you to deliver feedback in such conditions. This type of environment also has the potential to enhance workplace morale. 

4. Explore different angles of resolving a problem

Business creativity enables you to explore different angles of resolving a single problem with a growth mindset. 

Creative problem solving incorporate an imaginative and innovative approach that defines a problem and offers a solution in a better way. 

However, the creative process is demanding- it needs a great number of efforts, time, and cooperation to explore authentic and viable ideas. 

5. Change the world with creative solutions

By nurturing a creative outlook, your business is not limited to resolve and satisfy simply customer needs. You need to think big and allow your creative approach to taking a flight that can create an impact worldwide.

Your business in collaboration with different countries, government bodies, and other entrepreneurs can resolve various global problems. Creativity is the main driving force that can help you do this. 

For instance, online learning company Coursera had started the ‘Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative’ during a global pandemic to facilitate free classes for newly unemployed workers. 

It worked in association with various government agencies to provide around 4000 courses for free to help people who have lost their jobs due to prevailing conditions across the globe.

Concluding thoughts

While the above article has outlined the significance of business creativity, it is crucial to acknowledge that creative thinking does not always mean doing things differently. Rather it is a wider approach that helps you to turn challenges into opportunities. The road to creativity requires a great deal of patience. You as a business can definitely make a mark with a creative outlook. However, you have to offer some flexibility and take off work pressure from your staff to encourage them to deliver the best ideas and solutions for the betterment of your enterprise.